Berry Blast Smoothie

Berry Blast Smoothie


If you’re looking to enhance your training goals you know by now that pre and post workout nutrition is a top priority. With this easy berry blast smoothie you can get the ultimate pre workout formula that can give you a handy boost of energy whiles promoting muscle recovery and fat loss.




This quick fresh berry blast smoothie is super easy to make all you’ll need is:

2 scoops (10g) of Myprotein BCAA– berry blast flavour

80g of frozen raspberries

80g of frozen blueberries

2 tablespoons of quark or Greek yohgurt

100ml of almond milk (any type of milk)

5 drops of raspberry or strawberry Myprotein flavdrops

Feel free to add other berries such as strawberries and blackberries.


Berry Blast Smoothie





To make this super easy recovery smoothie combine all your ingredients into a blender and blend until an amazing pink smoothie is formed. Add your flavdrops for that extra flavour kick.



Berry Blast Smoothie


Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy this frozen berry blast smoothie before you head to the gym!



Happy training!


Berry Blast Smoothie



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