High Protein Snacks

Bake At Home Range Is LIVE! | Brownies, Mugcake Mix & More!


Introducing… The Bake At Home Range

Make your own treats with our delicious range of dessert mixes.
The question is, which one will you try first?

Protein Cookie Mix

Available in Toffee, Chocolate Fudge & White Chocolate & Raspberry…Mmm!

bake at home cookies

Who doesn’t love a warm, fresh batch of cookies? …Even better when they’re packed with protein!

Our Protein Cookie Mix is the perfect answer to your sweet tooth and those afternoon hunger pangs.

Our delicious mix is high in protein and fibre

✓ Available in three amazing flavours – Toffee, Chocolate Fudge & White Chocolate and Raspberry

✓ Quick, easy and delicious!

Protein Brownie Mix

Chocolate protein brownie cake mix with whey protein, oats and sweeteners

Bake at home brownies

Protein Brownie Mix is part of our new Bake at Home range, allowing you to make your own delicious high protein brownies without all the hassle of baking.

All you have to do is add the wet ingredients, mix, bake and get ready to upload the results to Instagram!

 A 25g serving of our Protein Brownie Mix boasts 8g protein.

 Perfect for easy baking, anytime!

 Delicious, yet low in sugar. Perfect for those watching their macros.

Protein Custard Mix

Microwave for 30-45 seconds for a quick guilt-free treat!

bake at home custard

Custard… A childhood favourite! Imagine if you could buy custard packed with protein… And it took less than a minute to make.

Well GUESS WHAT. Myprotein DO. Grab our Protein Custard now!

 Our delicious Protein Custard is incredibly simple to make!

 Enjoy a huge 27.5g of protein per serving

Only 2.4g of fat and 191 calories per serving

Protein Flapjack Mix

Whip up a batch of delicious high-protein Flapjacks with added coconut & flaxseed

bake at home flapjack

Don’t these look mouth-watering? Make your own Protein Flapjacks in just 15 minutes!

Simply follow the recipe, step by step, and watch your taste buds melt in delight when your baking tray hosts 8-12 delicious flapjacks.

A whopping 7g protein per Protein Flapjack

✓ Perfect for easy baking and creating high protein snacks at home

✓ Suitable for vegetarians!

Protein Mugcake Mix

Fancy chocolate cake without the guilt?… In just ONE minute?

bake at home mug cake

Now this is SPECIAL!

Our Protein Mug Cake Mix is high in protein, high in fibre and can be made in under a minute! Plus… We have more than one flavour to choose from.

Will you choose Blueberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel or Natural Chocolate?

Over 25g protein per serving

High in Fibre

Ready in under a minute

Protein Muffin Mix

Whip up a batch of our high-protein muffins in under 15 minutes!


Feeling hungry? Swap your normal snack for a delicious Protein Muffin – they’ll be ready in 15!

Our Protein Muffin Mix is perfect for those with a huge sweet tooth but don’t fancy consuming too much sugar!

✓ Delicious high protein snack

✓ A great way to increase daily protein intake

Quick and easy to make

Protein Pancake Mix

Enjoy our ready-to-make protein pancakes

bake at home pancake

Mix up your breakfast routine with our Protein Pancake Mix.

Each serving contains only 191 calories and 3.2g of fat, making our pancakes the perfect high protein snack to compliment a wide range of training and health goals.

 A staggering 34g or protein per serving

 Mixture of fast and slow releasing proteins

 Easy to make and consume anytime throughout the day



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