Utterly Butterly | 7 Nut Butter Recipes

Written by Charlotte Campbell

Nut Butter Recipes

We all know nut butter is the bee’s knees. From peanut to cashew to almond (to ALL THREE AT ONCE), nut butters are the key to healthy snacks… and our hearts, obviously. One of many, many reasons we love nut butter is that it is so versatile. So to help you switch up your snacks and take your nut butter skills to a whole new level, we’ve compiled our favourite snack hacks.

nut butter

#1 Nutty Hot Chocolate


This is a great way to use every scrap of nut butter from the tub. When you’re almost out of nut butter, mix your hot chocolate powder and hot milk or water in the nut butter tub. All that lovely nut butter that’s left will melt and infuse into your hot chocolate. Use the MyProtein hot chocolate for extra nutritional benefits.

If you can’t wait until then, just mix a spoonful into your hot chocolate (we won’t tell).

#2 Banana Sandwiches


These naturally sweet treats are great for combating cravings for sugary snacks. First, cut your bananas into slices and top with nut butter. Then pair them up to create delicious mini banana sandwiches. Any you don’t eat immediately? You can just put in the freezer to create a frozen pre-gym snack that tastes as good as ice cream.

Even better, if you blend the banana and peanut sandwiches before freezing, you’ve got a low fat, high nutrition ice cream to enjoy.

nut butter sandwich

#3 Gourmet Noodles


Noodles are an easy and filling snack when time is of the essence. To create a nutritious satay style sauce, simply add a spoonful of nut butter to your noodles. Konjac flour based noodles are great for a calorie controlled diet or low carb nutritional plan. For extra goodness, add in extra chilli flakes. It’ll pack an extra punch, and chilli is often attributed with helping speed up the body’s metabolism.

#4 Protein Packed Popcorn


Plain popcorn is a great low calorie snack, the perfect sidekick to graze on during a film. To give a bowl of popcorn a protein kick, heat up 2 tbsp. nut butter and 1 tbsp. sugar free cinnamon syrup. Once it forms a loose consistency, toss into the popcorn and enjoy.

peanut butter popcorn

#5 Date Night


Stuff medjool dates with nut butter for a snack that is packed with protein and slow release energy. Dates are packed with natural fibre and are well known to help with digestion, so they’re great if you’ve got an upset stomach. These rich protein parcels make a perfect office snack you can tuck into any time you like.

#6 An Apple A Day…


There’s a lot to be said for the humble apple. They’re rich in key antioxidants as well as dietary fibre. Take your apple snacking to the next level by layering slices with a teaspoon of nut butter and sprinkling coconut flakes and cranberries on top. Delicious and very pretty (make sure to tag us when you Instagram it!).

apple peanut butter

#7 Next Level Chicken


If you like chicken wings or strips as a high protein snack, crank them up a notch with our nut butter sauce. Mix a tbsp. of nut butter, the juice of a lime, and 2 tsp of low sodium soy sauce to create an amazing Asian dipping sauce – or just throw it all over your chicken to let it marinade through the day.

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