NEW TO Myprotein™| MYRANGE, Clothing, Coconut Water Powder & More!


Welcome to our overview of what’s new to Myprotein!


Our innovations continue once again this month…

We know how important feeling great for Summer is – therefore we’ve created a brand new range of weight loss management and energy-boosting supplements for those hard training sessions!

But there’s more. We’ve only gone and released even more clothing – alongside many more innovative products!

New Additions | MYRANGE

Our Most Advanced Products To Date


Introducing | MYTHERMO

Myprotein’s ground breaking fat loss supplement!

mythermo weight loss management

MYTHERMO combines a range of key ingredients precisely designed to help you get the most out of your weight loss programme! Just a few of these include:

✓ Kola Nut and Guarana – these contribute naturally to the 100mg of caffeine provided per serving.

✓ Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism, meaning that it plays a vital role in the conversion of fat into energy.

✓ TeaCrine®, a compound with a similar molecular structure to caffeine, to provide that extra kick – in addition to Vitamin B6 & B12 to contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue – especially useful when you’ve got a little less energy when dieting!


Our most potent fat loss formulation to date!


MYTHERMO X-TREME takes MYTHERMO up a notch, not only with the caffeine content – but with the stimulants too. Just a few key features:

✓ A huge 160mg caffeine per serving – perfect for helping to improve concentration and increase awareness.

We kept the Vitamin B6 & B12 from MYTHERMO original – exactly what you need if you are following a calorie restricted diet.

✓ The real boost: concentrated extracts of Korean Ginseng, Cayenne pepper powder pre-workout amino acid  L-Tyrosine!

New Additions | CLOTHING

NEW LINES of our best selling Men’s Performance Tops!

myprotein men's performance clothing

You loved them – so we designed more! Myprotein’s Men’s Performance range is expanding – and just keeps getting better! Our short and long sleeve tops, in addition to our Hoodies – have the below properties to ensure a great training session:

✓ Lightweight fabric construction with sweat-wicking properties.

✓ Fitted styles with raglan sleeves for full range of movement – exactly what you need for a great training session.

✓ Provides premium comfort with a Viscose and Lycra blend.

Introducing | Men’s & Women’s Under Armour Clothing

Myprotein and UnderArmour – the perfect combination for both comfort and style!

Myprotein women's under armour clothing

The Myprotein Under Armour range combines style with lightweight fabric technology to keep you performing at your best!

✓ Loose fit and normal tank tops.

✓ Super soft fabric that absorbs and retains heat (Legwarmer Pants).

myprotein men's under armour clothing

✓ The famous HeatGear & ColdGear range.

A variety of choices for all different training styles – including compression wear!

New Additions | FOOD AND DRINK

Introducing | MORE additions to our Organic Range!

Macqui Berry Powder & Barley Grass Powder

organic products

Our varied Organic Naturals range contains everything from Hemp Protein Powder and Chia Seeds to Cacao Powder, Buttons and Nibs. Myprotein have now released a couple of other gems…

✓ Macqui Berry Powder – 100% organic, high in fibre and contains potassium; which is great for contributing to normal muscle function!

✓ Barley Grass Powder is a source of fibre; consists of high chlorophyll content (25mg) per serving and boasts a host of vitamins and minerals. 

Introducing | Coconut Water Powder

Our new powders don’t get the attention they deserve!

coconut water powder

Coconut Water Powder contains a source of the electrolyte potassium, which will contribute to normal muscle function and help replenish lost salts during training, making it ideal for those who undertake heavy exercise and become dehydrated – hence why we’ve created a convenient powdered version!

✓ Coconut Water Powder is a great product to add to your post-workout shake.

✓ Made from 70% Coconut with no artificial colours or flavourings.

✓ For a refreshing round of Coconut Water Powder, simply mix 12g (2½ scoops) with your preferred amount of water or fruit juice!

Introducing | Tigernut Superfine Flour

Gluten-free baking at it’s finest!

tigernut superfine flour

✓ Tigernut Flour has a slightly sweet, nutty flavour and an excellent nutritional profile that is high in fibre!

✓ The natural sugars contained within the flour may also prevent the need for adding more sugar or sweeteners during baking.

Use Tigernut Flour to increase your daily fibre intake by adding to your protein shake or sprinkling over foods such as cereal!

New Additions |  Shower Gels

Revitalise your shower routine with our brand new Men’s & Women’s Shower Gels!


✓ Fused with detoxifying Green Tea and enriched with a blend of essential amino acids and key vitamins.

Great to keep in your gym bag!

Keep your eyes peeled…

Make sure to check back for more innovative, exciting products!




 We still have a lot more on the way!

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