5 Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids | Lunchbox Recipes

There are so many unhealthy options readily available for kids to snack on nowadays, it can be tough as a parent to say no to them.

Make snacks healthy and fun with some of these nutritious ideas that your children will love to make and eat together!

5 Healthy Snack Ideas
For Kids

healthy snacks for kids


#1 Banana bread

Homemade banana bread is always a great option and alternative to sugary doughnuts and muffins many kids adore at the supermarket.

There is nothing like some banana bread fresh out of the oven as an after school treat!

You can make it plain or with Cacao Powder for an extra chocolate twist. You can add some Peanut Butter too for an extra protein boost!

#2 Sweet-potato bites

Sweet potato bites make a great snack for kids as they are full of vitamins and fibre rich. They make a great alternative to normal shop bought crisps which can be high in fat but low in nutritional value.

All you need is one sweet potato, some oil and a pinch of salt. Slice the potato into thin slices, and then place the slices on some kitchen towel with an extra sheet on top. This is to remove any extra moisture that is present in the potato slices.

✓ Preheat the oven to 170. Coat the potato slices in some oil and add the pinch of salt. Line a baking tray with baking paper and lay the potato slices out separately.

✓ Try to keep them in just one layer to ensure they cook evenly. Bake until they start to curl at the edges and then turn the crisps over to cook on the other side.

✓ When they are done, remove them and allow them to cool down, they will become crispier as they go cold. Enjoy!

#3 Hummus with whole wheat wraps

Hummus makes a great snack as it is packed with protein-rich chickpeas.

By cutting a wrap into small bite size triangles and lightly baking it in the oven to make it crispy, you can make snack time fun yet super healthy by giving little hands some triangles to dip into the hummus.

✓ Make your own hummus by blending up chick peas, lemon juice, garlic, pinch of cumin, tahini paste and olive oil.

✓ Super easy and quick to do and absolutely delicious. It also makes brilliant lunchbox filler!

#4 Trail mix with raisins

Trail mix is a great option for kids as it is packed with good fats.

The addition of raisins also gives it an extra fibre boost while making it a filling yet sweet snack.

✓ Roasting the nuts gives them a great flavour and you can simply add in the raisins and mix it all together before portioning it out into child friendly servings!

#5 Mini whole-wheat pitta pizza faces

These are super popular with children as they are so easy to make so the whole family can get involved. Simply shop up some vegetables such as different coloured peppers, mushrooms, and onions.

Spread some tinned tomato on top of whole-wheat pitta bread, sprinkle some cheese on and allow the kids to decorate their own mini pitta breads with the chopped vegetables.

✓ Simply bake in the oven for about 15 minutes so that the cheese begins to bubble and turn golden. Allow to cool slightly before serving to kids and enjoy!

Bonus: a weekend favourite!


Smoothie ice-pops

A firm favourite with kids and adults alike smoothie ice pops are sure to go down a treat! They are made with yoghurt which is rich in calcium needed to build strong bones, but also vitamins due to the fruit content.strawberries blueberries healthy snacks

You can chop and change the fruits you use and get creative with flavours, strawberry ones taste great but adding in a banana or even exotic fruits like mango and papaya make for a delicious treat too.

✓ Simply blend some fruit and yoghurt together and pour into an ice pop maker before freezing it for a few hours.

✓ You can also add some fruit chunks into the ice pops too if you like to make them look extra pretty!

Take home message

Snack time doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be fun, and snacks are a great opportunity to get some extra nutrition into your children, especially if they do not eat enough at mealtimes.

Try out some of these healthy snack ideas that are easy to do but super tasty and enjoy some yourself!

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