Egg Protein | White Or Yolk?

Written by Jordan Brown

Egg Protein

Eggs have caused one of the biggest debates in terms of bodybuilding diets for years. Should I consume egg whites alone, or do I eat the yolk too? What we do know is that eggs are vitally important towards a bodybuilding diet.


So, how do they work as a supplement? When’s the right time to consume them, and how much do I take? This article will give you a quick guide to the pros and cons of egg protein and how it should be consumed.

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What Is Egg Protein?


Foods containing egg protein will usually be labelled with this tag, however, you may also see the product label ‘egg albumin’. Per medium-sized egg at 50g, you will be able to consume around 7g protein, which sees it fall some way behind foods such as fish and red meats for example in terms of protein.


Egg protein as a supplement disregards the yolk, so it becomes just an egg white. Due to the removal of the yolk from this, the product is essentially fat-free. The chemical process called ‘filtration’ is where the majority of the fat is removed from the product resulting in ‘egg albumin’. It’s widely considered by bodybuilders are the ideal source of protein due to its high level of essential amino acids, which are vital to muscle growth.

How Much Should I Consume?


First and foremost your macronutrients should be calculated in terms of your current weight and your goals. Egg protein is no different from this. However, you must take into account what other supplements and how much protein from other products you are intaking. For instance, as an 180lb male, to maximise muscle growth, you should be looking to intake between 27-36g egg protein. Egg protein can be consumed post-workout as its fast-acting and it is absorbed quickly by the body to support the growth and repair of the muscles.

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What Are The Benefits?


There is a whole host of benefits of taking egg protein. As a fast-acting protein source, it makes it ideal to have as a post-workout shake. Whey and Casein protein, which are most commonly used, are dairy-based products, so they aren’t suitable for those who have a dairy-free diet. However, with 25g of protein per 30g serving, egg protein has a similar protein content.


You will also get a much better macronutrient intake from taking egg protein if you’re looking to lose body fat. By taking one serving of egg protein, you would need to eat four eggs. By opting for the egg protein, you would also be removing the 20-24g of fat that comes with eating whole eggs. Egg protein is also low in carbohydrates making it ideal for fat-loss.


Also, egg proteins contain considerable amounts of Vitamins A, B and D. This means that it’s good for our body’s immune system while it can also aid the regulation of calcium and phosphorous absorption, crucial for the maintenance of healthy bones.

Egg protein

Take Home Message


Egg protein is a very clean source of protein that is ideal both when in training and in your normal diet. The fast-acting protein makes it the ideal source of protein to intake post-workout to provide nutrients to the fatigued muscles. As is the case with all supplements, there are side effects, but I believe that these are outweighed by the benefits, such as the simple fact that you get the same amount of protein from one scoop of egg protein than that of four eggs.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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