Cooking with Coconut Oil | Types? Benefits? Recipes?



Coconut oil has become all the rage in recent years, but why is so good and why should you choose it over other oils?

In this article we will go through everything you’ve ever wanted and needed to know about Coconut Oil…


What is Coconut Oil?

Firstly, let’s establish the different types of coconut oil…

1) Standard (Refined) Coconut Oil

Strictly speaking, all coconut oils go through a refinement process, virgin coconut oil’s refinement is much less significant.
Most Standard Coconut oil’s start with a base of “Copra”, Copra is the meat of the coconut that had been dried out, usually by a kiln or sunlight. It’s then pressed or dissolved using solvents.

It’s then the next stage that makes Standard Coconut Oil a little more ‘avoidable’ in comparison to Virgin Coconut Oil –

Standard coconut oil is refined some more following the above process – and sometimes bleached and deodorized, producing a coconut oil that has no to little taste or aroma to it.

2) Virgin Coconut Oil

As soon as you open a tub of Virgin Coconut Oil you are greeted with the lovely scent of fresh coconut, this is a very good sign. Virgin Coconut Oil is commonly made with fresh coconut meat to begin with and dried and pressed later to get the oil, with no bleaching or deodorizing taking place.

There is also a wet milling process which extracts the coconut oil from what is essentially coconut milk and uses heat and a fermentation process to produce the coconut oil. There is several studies to show that this produces the most anti-oxidants and nutrients compared to the other extraction processes.

– Cooking Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil – 

So… what makes Virgin Coconut Oil a good choice?

1) Increased Energy


Ideal Pre-workout food

Coconut Oil is a source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) otherwise known as the better source of fatty acids, which is acts very similar to energy-supplying Carbohydrates to in the body…

When MCT’s are sent to the liver it gets converted directly into energy for you to use, making Coconut Oil an ideal Pre-workout food inclusion. Alternatively, coconut oil can be a healthier, satiating and fuel-supplying food choice if you are on a low-carb diet and need a boost from your dietary fat sources!

2) Aids Natural Fat Loss

fat loss

MCT’S (Medium Chain Triglycerides) have been shown to promote the oxidation of fat (1) and aid the body in burning excess calories, (in comparison to other toxic fats!) therefore helping aid natural weight loss. (2) (3)

The saturated fats and the Medium Chain Triglycerides in coconut oil has been shown to reduce total and LDL Cholesterol  (develops plaque and fatty deposits in the arteries) and increased HDL cholesterol (removes bad cholesterol from the body!)

3) Healthier foods/smoothies

coconut oil smoothie

In cooking, try using Coconut Oil in place of any type of oil or butter you would normally use – whether you’re baking, frying or spreading, use the same amount and in some cases, less coconut oil for a delicious and nutritious alternative to your usual fat sources.

You can even use in home-made smoothies and juices to boost up the nutrient profile, make it more satiating and enhance the taste!

4) Coconut Oil won’t burn your food…

coconut oil recipe

Bur rather make it extra crispy!

One of the main benefits to cooking with coconut oil is it’s significantly higher smoking point over the majority of other oils. The smoking point refers to the point an oil reaches where it its fatty acids start to degrade and toxic compounds can also be formed – in addition to turning your precious food into dust – worst feeling ever!

Coconut Oil Recipe |
Apple and Almond Bark

coconut oil apple and almond

– ½ Apple
– 15g Almonds
– 30g Melted Coconut oil
– Sprinkle of Cinnamon

1) Cut the apple into thin slices and lightly dust with cinnamon
2) Lay the apple in a small tray slightly overlapping then pack in the whole almonds
3) Pour over the melted coconut oil
4) Place in the freezer to set for 2 hours


Per serving: 2 servings

Calories– 202
Fat – 19g
Protein  – 2g
Carbs – 8g

Serving suggestion:- Remove from the freezer 10-15 minutes before eating the slightly defrosted apple is really complimenting on the pallet!

Prefer Savoury? MAKE OUR Quinoa Cheese Bites!

Healthy Snacks Quinoa Cheese Bites

Take Home Message

Make the swap to coconut oil today and reap the benefits in your health!

The delicious fatty acids of Coconut Oil will provide you with a broad spectrum of nutrients so change from the regular Oils and Fat sources you’re used to!



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