Kick Start Your 7-Day Healthy Eating Plan | Recipe Ideas & Diet Tips

Want to get healthier but stuck for meal ideas? Or maybe you need a push in the right direction to finally get yourself in the swing of things… Either way, we’ve sorted out a 7-day Healthy Eating Plan with a selection of delicious recipe ideas and simple, but effective diet tips to ease your way back into a healthier lifestyle!

This plan will help keep your body healthy by retaining all the nutrients we need. This is not a calorie counting diet, or one where you will feel starved; however through drinking plenty of water throughout the day, this will take down bloating and help you to feel fuller.

7-Day Healthy Eating Plan | 5 Key Tips

#1  Drink Water!

The more water you drink for your body, the better you will feel and the less bloated you will feel – and look! How you may wonder? If we do not supply the correct amount what our body needs it retains extra and unnecessary water, however once we start fuelling our body with the right amount our bodies are ‘convinced’ it no longer needs the retained water; therefor loosing this extra weight, leaving our clothes a little looser and your skin brighter. A recommendation of 2-3 litres of water a day is needed for your bodies.


#2  Substitute sugary drinks

In this kick start, you do not have to drink plain water you can add flavour to your bottles and glasses creating detox waters. Each of these included in your water help to flush out harmful toxins in your body, aid digestion, contain anti-inflammatory properties, holds natural pain relief and aids your skin to brighten up.fruit infused water

Popular ingredients which can be added are:

 Mint leaves
 Aloe Vera leaves


#3  Choose the right Macronutrients

(Macros): there are three which are the source of this healthy plan, and they consist of: Protein, carbohydrate and fats (this does not mean burgers and fries unfortunately, rather the good fats for example- avocado, salmon, almonds, coconut oil etc.) and these help us to stay healthy and energized throughout the day.

To have a healthy diet, it is all about balancing and tailoring your nutritional intake as to stay healthy we need more than forty nutrients and no single food can provide them all.


#4  No Calorie counting! 

Your guideline amount of how many grams of each nutrient you are allowed depends on how many calories you are consuming a day… however – you are not calorie counting! In fact you are dividing the percentage of your daily intake, into the right amount of the macros you need, therefore hitting your average calorie intake. 

#5  Plan your meals

Plan what to eat and what to eliminate: Whilst being involved in this healthy plan eliminate your intake of alcohol, caffeine and tea. The meals which are provided below, the recipes can be found on the Myprotein Recipe Page in The Zone!

Healthy Kick Start Eating Plan


Breakfast |  Morning Detox Juice 

Lunch | Left over frittata (using leftover vegetables from your roast dinner.)

Dinner | Turkey mince meatballs with stuffed four bean peppers

Snacks | Protein mud slide smoothie



Breakfast | Egg mayo and spinach wrap

Lunch | Honey chicken skewers with curried eggs

Dinner | Salmon Stir fry with 7 calorie noodles

Snacks |  Peanut Butter and Jelly Bagel



Breakfast | Apple and Cinnamon spiced porridge

Lunch | Sweet potato Spanish omelette

Dinner | Zucchini pizza

Snacks | Strawberries and White Chocolate Protein Ice-cream 



oreo breakfast cheesecake

Breakfast |  Peaches and cream smoothie

Lunch |  High protein cheeseburger muffins

Dinner | Turkey corn burgers and vegetables

Snacks | High protein Oreo breakfast cheesecake



Breakfast | Coffee & Walnut pancakes/Strawberry & Blueberry pancakes

Lunch |  Prawn pasta

Dinner | Creamy cashew butter chicken

Snacks | Choc chip banana bread



Breakfast | Strawberry and quinoa porridge

Lunch | Low carb chicken pasta

Dinner | Roast pork fillet and vegetables

Snacks | 1-minute Sticky Toffee Pudding Mug cake 



Breakfast | Home-made Breakfast Muesli

Lunch | Low-carb egg fried rice

Dinner | Smoked Chicken & Butternut Squash

Snacks | Blueberry Frozen Yoghurt Protein Bites

Take Home Message

This is not a strict diet, but rather something to help you with some simple, delicious meal ideas.

Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring!



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