“At the age of 22 I became single from my first serious relationship and gained a lot of weight afterwards.elliott tolmie It got worse when the relationship ended, with no confidence, lonely and I felt I was in a dark place. I hated the thought of leaving my flat.

People made comments about my weight, incinutating to move out of their way, followed by harsh insults. I
felt like I couldn’t fit in small shops as I would knock into things or be in the way.

January 12th was the day I decided enough was enough. I immediately rang up a local boxing gym and asked If he was bothered I was overweight and unfit – and he wasn’t! I turned up and expected myself to weigh around 20 stone… It was a complete shock when the scales tipped over 400 lbs. 28 1/2 stone Is a SCARY thing to see at that age. I knew from that very moment… I will have the drive and determination to change my life.

I was an unhappy, lonely, unhealthy geek. My nights were spent in front of a computer screen until the early hours in the morning playing games eating complete junk. I tried working out the amount of calories I was consuming per day. My lunch was 3000 calories alone from the local supermarket! My daily calorie intake was around 10,000 due to my love of Nutella and owning a deep fat fryer.

Buying clothes was awful. I was working in the security field at the time and finding trousers to fit was impossible being a 50″ waist. I felt so big having to go to special stores to find stuff in my size; when relaxing I would be in my 4XXL jogging bottoms which I still own!

I wanted to change. I looked up a study and saw the statistics for a male with a high BMI  to lose weight in a year was very high. The odd’s were stacked against me.”


“If you have the discipline, drive and determination you can succeed with the odd’s against you.elliottt

I made a huge change to my diet instantly, cutting out the stupid amount of carbs I was consuming. I went
below 2,000 calories first day of diet and kept with it.

I wanted to drop weight and I wanted to do it fast. I started with boxing twice a week and then started to walk every single day, for 2 hours.

Music in and a route to my friends house and back was 5 miles, time taken 1 hour 54 mins. As the weight dropped my distance increased.

I ended up walking around 8.5 miles a day! I began supplementing with protein shakes for meal replacements – especially after boxing and after walks to promote my muscle recovery; which helped me to get back to training quicker.

People slowly noticed I wasn’t doing this as a new years resolution, I kept at it and results was being shown every single month. I was becoming lighter and happier.

I will always remember a local fish and chip shop, the owner came out and told me that he saw me walking passed every single day and noticed how not only did I lose weight, I walk happier. I’ve loved that compliment since. I’ve also learnt that you don’t need any fad diets or any miracles to lose weight.

I ate less and moved more.  I did this journey on my own but it’s great to surround yourself with positive people!

I did indulge in a cheat meal once a week and I believe It didn’t effect my results. Having a deficit 6 out of 7 days, That cheat meal helped me keep on track of my diet! 

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BREAKFAST | Porridge oats

LUNCH | Lots of smoked salmon and cream cheese on ryvita.

DINNER | Protein Shake (1 or 2)




Porridge oats, 1 scoop Impact Whey Isolate mixed with hot water, fresh fruit & a small piece of dark chocolate.


Protein smoothie: Greek yoghurt, Impact Whey Isolate, frozen fruit, nut butter, chia & flax seeds.


Sweet potato, fish or chicken, greens (broccoli/asparagus/spinach)


Protein Shake, beef Jerky, nuts, avocado, Home-made protein desserts!

PRE BED | Micellar Casein Protein Shake




✓ Increase water intake

I am for 4 litres of water a day.

✓ Measure food with your fist

Fist size of meat, fist size of good carbs, fist size of greens! makes for a good meal.

Always was told diet is 80% so make sure you are strict.

✓ Meal prep

This is an easy way to avoid slip ups in your diet, preparing a bunch of meals that are healthy and easy.

Plan a day to make your meals for the following week. Most people stick to sunday evenings.

✓ Cheat meals rather than days

Instead of a day, I would have an amazing meal that would of course make me feel guilty but I felt it  kept me on track throughout the week, looking forward to the day I can let go a little bit and indulge in what I was craving!


“I have never been able to do a single pull-up in my life, I always had to do press-ups on my knees, we all start somewhere.

Now I am able to do both. Still working on wide grip pull-ups!




Daily walks 5-8.5 Miles Per day.

2 x 90 minute Boxing sessions twice a week






Began Weight Training Recently

MONDAY | Chest



THURSDAY | Shoulders


SATURDAY | Rest day

SUNDAY | Rest/start back over!


Chest Training

I MIX IT UP! Use barbell instead of dumbbell etc, no week is ever the same
CHEST WORKOUT (HEAVY) Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Flat dumbbell press 4 8 60
Incline dumbbell press 4 8 60
Decline dumbbell press 4 8 60
Dumbell Pull Over 4 8 60
Land mines (circular) SS>>  4 8-12 60
Dumbbell incline flyes with outer rotation 4 8-12 60
Cable flyes 7 15 30

Arm Training

ARM WORKOUT (HEAVY) Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Tricep kickback 4 8-12 60
Tricep rope press down 4 8-12 60
Tricep push down 4 8-12 60
Body weight v-push ups 4 8-12 60
EZ Bar curl close grip SS >>  2 8-12 60
Hammer curls 2 6-12 60
EZ bar wide grip SS >> 2 8-12 60
Hammer curls 2 6-12 60
Bicep Curls (MEDIUM WEIGHT) 4 Failure 60

Back Training

BACK WORKOUT (HEAVY) Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Single arm seated row 4 8-12 60
T-BAR Row 4 8-12 60
Lat pull down SS >> 4 8-12 60
Seated row 4 8-12 60
Pull down (handles) SS >> 4 8-12 60
Straight arm pull down 4 8-12 N/A

Shoulder Training

SHOULDER WORKOUT Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Dumbbell shoulder press 3 20 60
Shoulder Shrugs:
First 5 reps = 3 second pause at top, 3 second back. Last 10 reps fast.
15 60
GIANT SET: (4 exercises together = 1 set) 4 10 120
1) Barbell shoulder press 60
2) Barbell shoulder press behind head  60
3) Barbell chin raise 60
4) Barbell straight arm shoulder raise 60
GIANT SET: (4 exercises together = 1 set) 4 10 120
1) Lateral Side Raise 60
2) Hammer Front Raise 60
3) Front raises 60
4) Bent over laterals 60

Legs Training

LEG WORKOUT (HEAVY) Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Warm-up tri-set (3 exercises together = 1 set) 4 8-12 30
1) Hip adduction
2) Hip abduction
3) Calf press
Squats – low weight 4 12 30
Leg Press (feet wide position) 4 12 30
Leg Press (feet close, high up, using heels) 3 12 30
Leg Press (feet wide position) SS >>
1 40
Leg Press (feet close, high up, using heels)
Leg extension 7 15 30
Walking weighted lunges 4 1 side gym to other 60





✓ Impact Whey Protein Isolate to ensure I reach my daily protein intake & to maximise post-workout recovery. | Read Whey Protein

 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to boost protein synthesis and protein muscle recovery. | Read BCAAs

Micellar Casein  (before bed) – as it’s a slow digesting protein without carbs & fats, it nourishes my body during sleep.



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