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Written by David Kingsbury

As a trainer to some of the biggest names in modern cinema (Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sam Claflin, Chris Hemsworth etc), my job sounds like it’s one of the most glamorous careers you could hope for. I’m not going to lie, it does have its perks. I’m sure you can imagine all the times I’ve spent flying to exotic locations on a private jet, with the cast of some of Hollywood’s biggest movies (Wolverine, X-Men, Assasin’s Creed, Pan, Snowwhite & The Huntsmen etc).

You’d be right, that definitely does happen.


That said, I doubt that many of you think about the equal amount of times I spend in the gym, working at all hours, mopping the floor, cleaning the showers or taking out the rubbish. I also do more than my fair share of that.
Like the actors I train, I’m just a person too. The same as you. For every one ‘showbiz’ perk I’ve had, I can tell you about two tasks I do, that would shatter any illusion that it’s a constant stream of razzmatazz. For the most part, for anyone involved in the movie industry, the Hollywood glamour life is rare. Film premieres, photoshoots and award ceremonies are few and far between.


What does a typical day for me look like?

Good question. Between those times where I feel like I’m living the high life (which isn’t that often, trust me), you’ll find the unseen, day-to-day graft I put in, to get the actors ready for their upcoming film roles. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. I love that I have no set routine each day at work, although it’s not without its frustrations.




When working with actors, the nature of film-shoots means that I am usually at a different location every day and I often don’t find out session times or even where we need to be, until late in the day, often the night before I need to be somewhere. The schedules involved in making these multi-million pound movies are ‘fluid’ to say the least. Trying to juggle all the people involved in making a movie these days, must be an impossible job and I’m absolutely not alone in having to adapt to it.


With a hectic schedule like this, trying to plan some time to spend with my family and friends can be incredibly tough but it’s the life I’ve chosen. When I’m working on a movie, with an actor,  I obviously have to work to their schedule in-between filming.


Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal


Normally the actors will be in early, certainly before their presence is needed on set. This might be anywhere between 5am and 8am, sometimes even earlier than that. I normally have to get in before them, to do my own training and set-up, unless I train with them or know I will have a gap in the schedule to get it in, which is rare.

During the day, I will often be on the set making sure they look every inch the hero they’re playing or helping to prepare the actors for stunts, if they have any. If they don’t, I will normally be waiting at the gym to do more sessions, especially if I am working with more than one cast member, which I normally am.


… And what about food?


We are normally fed by a cast chef who makes the food to the exact measurements of my food plans. This is one of the biggest advantages to being on set, delicious meals with the exact macros for the goals. The private chef paired with Myprotein’s support with supplements makes it almost impossible not to achieve results.

If I have sessions at wrap, i.e. after the acting has finished for the day, this could just as often mean a 6pm – 8pm start. It can turn into a fairly long day. It’s not unusual for my working day to last 12 hours or more. I’m not alone in that, I know.

Despite all the changes and the unpredictability of my working day, the one consistent throughout, is my online training. The main reason I went into online training was to continue working with people without worrying about locations.


Because my ‘typical’ day can be so ‘atypical’, having the ability to work with clients from wherever I am in the world and wherever they are, is so important to me. It’s like having a happy constant in a world of inconsistency.


I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with some very famous names, but in so many ways, they aren’t the real stars. Sure I work on some amazing movies, helping to craft superheroes and mould leading men and women, but that isn’t an everyday occurrence.  Thanks to the online work I do with my clients, I get the chance to work with equally amazing people, day in, day out.


Hugh Jackman


Even when I’m travelling full-time, working all over the world, both online and on the film side of things, I have had the chance to work with people like you, who are achieving fantastic results they never thought possible. I love what I do and I love helping people do what they do. I’m so happy every time it happens and you can be part of it.



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