Stay Charged with IN:FUSED – the anti-catabolic ‘muscle cordial’


Myprotein® is always aiming to produce innovative, forward-thinking products with applications for everyday living. One of the recent problems we have approached has existed since humans first lifted heavy objects in the pursuit of muscle – how do you stop muscle catabolism?We think we have found the answer with our new formulation – IN:FUSED. IN:FUSED is a brand new concept in supplementation –  an anti-catabolic ‘muscle cordial’. It can be consumed all day, every day, keeping your body supplemented with BCAAs, L-glutamine and Taurine. Just in case you thought that wasn’t enough, we’ve also fortified IN:FUSED with vitamins and minerals.  Each 15g serving of IN:FUSED provides 5g of BCAAs, 5g of L-glutamine and 1g of Taurine – a winning combination of anti-catabolic amino acids to prevent hard earned muscle tissue from being broken down and processed by the body, whilst ensuring maximum recovery and repair. We recommend you drink 4-5 servings a day for optimum effects.

IN:FUSED is available in two delicious flavours; Berry Blast and Tropical.



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