Get Fit 4 Week Workout

When I was a teenager, girls like Kate Moss were idolised for their slender looks, I thought to be attractive you had to be skinny. I don’t want to ever portray one body type as better than another, I want to promote being healthy in general.

A lot of women are unhappy with the way they look but don’t do anything about it because they think the process of changing will be too hard, they associate exercise and healthy eating with pain and deprivation.

I really want to show people that they can be confident about the way they look, they can change their body if they want to and the process can be enjoyable. This is Why I have teamed up with Myprotein to give you a detailed 4 week training and nutrition plan!

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Below you will find each week is a detailed PDF full of workouts so you can download it on to your phone, tablet etc. and bring it with you to the gym just in case you forget an exercise or you are unsure about one!

Click the images below to get started!

Get Fit 4 Week Workout week 1

Get Fit 4 Week Workout week2

Get Fit 4 Week Workout-week3

Get Fit 4 Week Workout week4

Get Fit 4 Week Workout weight loss bundle

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