Supplements aren’t just for men – I think you’ll all agree that this stereotype is well and truly demolished! Women train extremely hard in the gym in which their bodies can benefit just as much as the next male Bodybuilder.

Stereotypes aside, it’s important to tailor your supplement stack according to your goals in order to truly accelerate your efforts in the gym. For those that have the ultimate goal of trimming down that body fat and creating a lean, toned physique, you may just benefit from this supplement stack.

Protein is an essential component of the muscle-building process for both males and females – not just something that bulky bodybuilders chug down at the gym.

To put it short, many women fall short of consuming the necessary amount of protein – especially when whey protein boasts these amazing benefits:

✓ Increased lean muscle mass

Whey protein also contains the essential amino acids needed for protein synthesis – which, you guessed it – increases muscle mass. More muscle will inevitably burn more calories, even when you’re resting.

✓ Increased metabolism and fat burn

As mentioned above, replacing body fat with an increased amount of muscle mass will reward your body with revved up metabolism to burn more fat and increase your energy.

✓ Fuller for longer

Whey protein stimulates the satiety hormone in your body through the production of a peptide, which inevitably keeps your stomach happier for longer!

If you’re plant-based, lactose intolerant opt for the likes of Soy protein, Hemp protein,Pea protein, Brown rice protein or a combo of everything with Vegan blend!

Linoleic acid belongs to the omega family of fatty acids, which perform vital functions in the body and are necessary for optimal health and physical condition.

The conjugated form of linoleic acid, also known as CLA, is a combination of the different forms in which linoleic acid occurs in nature – but is available in supplement form to help aid better health.

CLA appears to prevent the decrease in metabolic rate usually associated with a decrease in caloric consumption. The benefits of CLA for fat-loss are thus twofold-both:

CLA may help increase the metabolism of stored body fat for fuel, particularly abdominal fat. (1)

CLA may prevent the metabolism from slowing down whilst on a diet.


– 1 x Omega 3-6-9

– 2 x CLA

– 2 x Active Woman

– 2 x Vitamin C

– 2 x Glucosamine


– 5g BCAAs

– 5g Glutamine


– 5g BCAAs

– 5g Glutamine

– 1 scoop Vanilla ISO:PRO 97


– 1 x Omega 3-6-9

– 2 x CLA


– 1 x Omega 3-6-9

– 2 x CLA


2 x ZMA


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