• Throwback Turkey Twizzlers | Retro Recipe

    By Myprotein | In Healthy Meals, Recipes | on September 13, 2017

    Bring back the ultimate nostalgia with this healthy makeover of your favourite childhood dish – Turkey Twizzlers! Banned from school dinners back in ’05 for containing too many dodgy ingredients and too much fat, we miss the Twizzler dearly. Fortunately, you can make the ultimate healthy Turkey Twizzlers yourself with just 5 simple ingredients. They’re […]

  • How To Eat More Carbs With Less Fat

    By Myprotein | In Nutrition | on September 12, 2017

    The Best Way To Eat Carbs Carbohydrates are your body’s energy resources and are essential for more than just your physical performance. There are several reasons why your body definitely needs its regular intake of carbs to face the various battles throughout your day – not just for gym-goers. It’s true that if you are […]

  • Boost your BCAAs in the most beautiful way with these tasty BCAA ice lollies! No fancy equipment – all you’ll need are a few humble paper cups and sticks to make your very own healthy frozen treats. The best thing about DIY ice lollies is that you get to control what goes inside! Try your […]

  • Top Tips For Student Hangovers

    By Myprotein | In Nutrition | on September 11, 2017

    Dealing With Student Hangovers The only downside to an amazing night out is the morning after. You have a ton of stuff to do, but you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. What is a student to do? We’ve got a quick study guide for the top cures (and preventatives) for the dreaded […]

  • Dealing With Freshers’ Flu

    By Myprotein | In Nutrition, Supplements | on September 8, 2017

    Freshers’ Flu Okay, so you’ve caught freshers’ flu and all of the fun along with the studying towards your brighter future has come to an end. Now what? Freshers’ flu is the name given to a whole myriad of symptoms that are keeping you down all at once? Don’t know what myriad means? Well, that’s […]

  • Snacks To Avoid At Work, Studying Or Craving

    By Myprotein | In Nutrition | on September 8, 2017

    Snacks To Avoid Are you one for munching when you’re bored? Maybe it’s not boredom, per se, but when you’re at work your one-track mind leaves little to keep you from snacking? You wouldn’t be the first person to leave a working day and regret the so-called nutrition you consumed. If your food is your […]

  • 5 Cheap Protein Shake Recipes Perfect For Students On A Budget!  We’ve all been there – you’re a little strapped for cash, but you’re certainly not willing to lose all those gains you made in the gym and give up on your protein shakes! Well, thankfully, you don’t have to. Give these super cheap protein shake recipes […]

  • Creamy Red Pepper Pasta | Quick & Healthy Dinner

    By Myprotein | In Healthy Meals, Recipes | on September 7, 2017

    This is the perfect no-fuss pasta with a super quick time-to-table. Ultra creamy, packed with smoky, tangy, charred roasted red pepper flavour! Ingredients ✓ 1 large red pepper ✓ Handful of cherry tomatoes ✓ 1 garlic clove (crushed) ✓ 100g pasta of choice (wholewheat pasta, High Protein Pasta & spelt pasta are good choices) (cooked) ✓ 1.3 cup Cashew Nuts ✓ […]