• Pectoral Exercises: Advanced Pec Exercise Tips

    By Mr Protein | In Men's Training, Training | on January 16, 2015

       By Myprotein Writer Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay   For advanced, I mean those guys who have been lifting for more than one year. Now you understand what workout affects what part. And if you didn’t already you should now.     Since you have been working out for 1 year now, you might be able to […]

  •   By Myprotein Writer Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay Everyone wants a good chest development, with the majority of people following online guides for hitting the chest hard with a weekly Chest day routine- Monday’s being renowned as World Chest Day. In the end it’s all about the shape that comes in the pecs and shows off in […]

  • Healthy Desserts | Frozen Protein Yogurt Bites

    By Gemma Amery | In Recipes | on January 15, 2015

    Frozen Protein Yogurt Bites are refreshing iced snacks to enjoy any part of the day. They are simple to make and contain 10g of protein per serving!     150g – Greek yogurt 20g – blueberries 1 Scoop – Vanilla Whey Protein     a) Using a silicone cupcake mould, mix together the yoghurt and […]

  • Butternut Squash Wedges

    By Gemma Amery | In Recipes, Vegan and Vegetarian | on January 15, 2015

    These sweet, crispy flavoursome Butternut Squash Wedges are a delicious accompaniment to steak or chicken. 84 calories and 1g fat per servings     100g – Butternut Squash (Cut into wedges) 1 Tbsp – Ground dry garlic 1 Tsp – Chilli Flakes 1 Cal spray oil   Slice the butternut squash into wedges and lay […]

  •   By Myprotein Writer Sarah Curran   The glutes are the biggest muscle in the body, and for ladies in particular, a muscle group that can have a huge impact on both our appearance and confidence. They are also a really important muscle to keep strong and healthy as they are used for activities we […]

  • Recovery | Creatine Supplements for Injuries

    By Mr Protein | In Nutrition | on January 15, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Chris Tack: Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Manager Guys & St Thomas’ Private Physiotherapy Service (London, UK), Owner & Lead Clinician of All Powers Rehabilitation & Conditioning.   Last month I wrote a piece which discussed the benefits of taking a protein supplement during your process of rehabbing from an injury. The motivation of […]

  • Football Nutrition and Strength Training

    By Mr Protein | In Men's Nutrition Articles | on January 15, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Steven Mackay   It goes without saying that good nutrition is an integral part of football, with every player in the English Premiership having the benefits of highly qualified nutritionists and personal trainers at their disposal to ensure they perform to their optimum levels week in week out. But what about […]

  • The Differences Between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

    By Mr Protein | In Training | on January 15, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Heather Geary   It’s true that both bodybuilding and powerlifting involve lifting weights, but the technique and the way the moves are executed, are completely different, as are the results and benefits we gain.     Bodybuilding focuses not so much on strength entirely, but also on aesthetics, especially for those […]