• The Differences Between Bodybuilding and Powerlifting

    By Mr Protein | In Training | on January 15, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Heather Geary   It’s true that both bodybuilding and powerlifting involve lifting weights, but the technique and the way the moves are executed, are completely different, as are the results and benefits we gain.     Bodybuilding focuses not so much on strength entirely, but also on aesthetics, especially for those […]

  • Meat Free Protein Lasagna

    By Gemma Amery | In Recipes, Vegan and Vegetarian | on January 14, 2015

    Our Meat Free Protein Lasagna: combining protein soup and beans this meal can be a great addition to your healthy meal repertoire and make a change from meat-based recipes!   1 – Leek 1 sachet – Myprotein Tomato and basil Soup (or 200ml of tomato passarta/ Mashed tinned tomatoes) 50g – Canned Kidney Beans 50g – […]

  •     This recipe is aimed at your typical hard gainer or anyone who wants to get the most out of their money, for the most amount of calories possible (whilst tasting nice!). It packs a whopping 900 calories and you can actually make it less caloric or more if you really need to just […]

  • Bulk Meal Prep On A Budget | Chilli Con Carne

    By Mr Protein | In Recipes, Students | on January 14, 2015

      We all want to make progress and gains in fitness and sometimes, it can be very expensive but there’s no need to eat plain bland food because you think it will cost the earth, the below recipe will taste just as good as any other chilli con carne, if not better! And what’s more, […]

  • Supplement Shopping on a Student Budget

    By Mr Protein | In Students, Supplements | on January 14, 2015

      Whether you’re a student or just on a budget, when it comes to supplement shopping it can be a bit of a price minefield, how do you know you’re getting the most for your money and also, if what you want to buy is a necessity or a luxury product. I’m going to list […]

  • Cheese Cake Flapjack

    By Gemma Amery | In High Protein Snacks, Recipes | on January 12, 2015

    If you love cheese cake but really don’t want the high amount of fat, sugar and calories, give this Cheese Cake Flapjack a try! It contains 10g protein per serving, 1g sugar and 3g fat but most importantly it tastes delicious! The base has a rich chocolate, nutty, spiced flavour and the topping has a smooth, creamy […]

  • 5 Fitness Tips for Students

    By Mr Protein | In Students, Training | on January 9, 2015

    I know as a student, it can be hard to stick to a workout plan or a healthy eating diet with everything that’s going on around you, especially if you’re new to the fitness world too but fear not we have 5 handy tips to give you a boost back into the fitness world!   […]

  • Chicken and Leek Patties

    By Gemma Amery | In High Protein Snacks, Recipes | on January 8, 2015

    These chicken and leek patties are a great portable snack or as part of a healthy meal, taking less an 10 minuet’s to make and 84 calories per serving they are a great addition to any meal plan.   200g – Chicken Mince/ Turkey Mince 30g – Myprotein Rolled Porridge Oats 1 Egg 1 ½ […]