• What Are The World’s Hardest Sports?

    By Charlotte Campbell | In Training | on July 13, 2017

    The World’s Hardest Sports Trying different sports is an excellent way to raise your fitness levels and challenge your body. The competitive element of sports can really push people to another level of effort and achievement. But which sports are the toughest? We’ve assessed the skills and fitness needed for registered sports, and narrowed down […]

  • Say hello to the brownie’s good-looking cousin, the blondie. Usually bursting with butter, we’ve made a macro-friendly version by ramping up the protein content, minimising sugar and using only good fats from coconut oil. And the bonus? You can whip these up in 35-minutes flat! Makes: 9 blondies Ingredients ✓ 150g wholemeal flour (sieved) ✓ 100g Impact […]

  • Is Flexibility More Important Than Strength?

    By Charlotte Campbell | In Training | on July 12, 2017

    Flexibility Vs. Strength In many sports and workout plans, the focus can often be on just one aspect of physical fitness. When you have goals like reaching a new deadlift PB, or mastering a tough yoga pose, straying from your plans can seem like a waste of time.   However, could you be missing out […]

  • Simple Ways To Increase Your Vegetable Intake

    By Charlotte Campbell | In Nutrition | on July 12, 2017

    Increase Your Vegetable Intake Vegetables are one of the most nutritious food groups you can eat. While you may have hated eating your greens as a kid, most of us find at least a core group of vegetables we actively enjoy. However, many people struggle to reach the recommended 5 portions of vegetables or fruit […]

  • There are plenty of wonderful smoothies and shakes to be made with the mighty pea protein. Not only is pea protein vegan-friendly, but it’s also naturally gluten and dairy-free – a great source of protein for those with allergies or intolerances or those just looking to cut down. Take a look at three of our favourite pea […]

  • Kettlebell Exercises | Quick And Simple

    By Charlotte Campbell | In Training | on July 11, 2017

    Kettlebell Exercises If you want results for a quick and efficient workout that combines cardio and resistance then you’ve come to the right place. Kettlebells are a not a new gym craze and have been well used throughout Russian where they originated and in non-mainstream gyms for many years now and are a tried and […]

  • Build A Bigger Back In Four Weeks

    By Jack Boardman | In Training | on July 11, 2017

    Build a Bigger Back The focus of this four-week plan is to develop all of the muscles that comprise your back. Your lats – or latissimus dorsi – are the broadest muscles on your back. Lats exercises make for the foundation for a stronger back and core, from which you will benefit in other areas […]

  • Beautify your breakfast with this perfect smoothie bowl. Aside from being delicious, vibrant and healthy, whipping up a smoothie bowl is an opportunity to get creative. Inspired by the famous piña colada, this tropical smoothie bowl is not to be missed! Ingredients Serves: 1 ✓ 1 ripe banana ✓ Large handful frozen raspberries ✓ 1 scoop Active Women Diet Blend […]