• Sweet Potato Protein Bar Recipe Recipe by Hanna Skytta   This grain-free Sweet Potato Protein Bar Recipe contains good carbs and lots of antioxidants (such as carotenoids) from sweet potato, apricots and mulberries. Mulberries are also good source of iron, potassium, magnesium and manganese and they contain resveratrol a flavonoid that is beneficial for heart […]

  • Protein crumble recipe

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    Hanna’s rhubarb-strawberry protein crumble (grain-free, sugar-free) Recipe by Hanna Skytta   Do you love a warm home cooked crumble? When it comes to Autumn time apple and blackberry crumbles are the best seasonal desert around! If crumbles your thing, why not try this amazing rhubarb protein crumble recipe! super health and sugar free, so you […]

  • Protein Rhubarb Cake   Recipe by Hanna Skytta   Who cares if it rains? Get rid of the summer blues by whipping up this super-easy, jaw-droopingly good strawberry protein rhubarb  cake and you will instantly be back in the summer spirit! Everybody knows that rhubarb pies are to die for, but when you combine that […]

  • Summer Gym Playlist

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    Back to Summer Gym Playlist   Have you got that summer time sadness? Whether you’ve been enjoying the amazing UK weather this year, or you’ve been sunning yourself in Ibiza the end of summer has hit us all hard! But stop being so depressed, it’s time to get back to the gym and time get […]

  • Quinoa Protein Bars Recipe

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    Quinoa Protein Bars Recipe   These protein bars are unlike any others. I’ve tried recipe, after recipe… after recipe, and after producing protein bars that could be used to put peoples windows out I have finally come across my favourite recipe yet! I am a huge lover of caramel and toffee and these protein bars […]

  • Healthy Bread Recipe

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    Healthy Bread Recipe   Bread is one of those beloved things I gave up a few years ago. To be honest I only occasionally miss eating bread, but for others with a love for savoury snacks there’s nothing better than chomping down on a warm piece of bread fresh from oven. Most breads bought from […]

  • Myprotein Shortcuts – Hulk Shake

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    Myprotein and The Diet Kitchen have teamed up to produce an amazing smoothie – the Hulk Shake  

  • Protein Cheesecake Recipe

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    Protein Cheesecake Recipe   Cheesecake, cheesecake, cheesecake… oh how I love cheese cake! Cheesecake was always one of those meals I would avoid due to thinking it would taste like cheese, well once this delicious dessert passed my lips, there was no going back!   But here at Myprotein we’ve got a high protein alternative […]