•   By UK Personal Trainer | Gareth Sapstead   It’s a commonly asked question among those cutting and trying to drop body fat, but often wrongly answered…Should I drink protein shakes whilst cutting? Calories in versus calories out When it comes to losing weight it’s as simple as calories in versus calories out. In essence […]

  • High Intensity Interval Training Workouts For Runners

    By James Kuhlwilm | In Endurance | on August 9, 2016

      High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become increasingly popular in fitness circles in recent years. It challenges your strength, your muscular endurance and your cardiovascular endurance, which also makes it ideal for runners training for races (and generally, for the sake of good overall fitness!) Follow these guidelines to add high intensity runs to […]

  • Kamut Flour Fruit Buns Recipe

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on August 8, 2016

      This simple recipe will keep everyone happy. Serve warm straight from the oven or cool in a packed lunch.   Ingredients   50g Gluten-Free Kamut Superfine Flour 25g Gluten-Free Instant Oats 1 Tbs Coconpure Coconut Oil 20g Desiccated Coconut 2 Eggs 3 Tbs Stevia Fruit Middle 5 Drops Raspberry Flavdrops 25g Fresh Raspberries ½ […]

  • How Rowing Machine Workouts Can Benefit Strength & Power

    By James Kuhlwilm | In Training | on August 8, 2016

      Are you an endurance athlete? Are you doing strength training? Or are you looking to lose fat and gain muscle?   Whatever your goals, sport and abilities, there is one piece of equipment in the gym which ticks all the boxes: the rowing machine. Using a large variety of your body’s muscles, it will […]

  • Pre-Workout Caffeine | How Does It Affect The Body?

    By MR PROTEIN | In Supplements | on August 7, 2016

      By Myprotein Writer Liam Darville   Caffeine is one of the most widely used and easily attainable supplements. Generally it is consumed in the form of coffee, tea or other caffeinated drinks. Caffeine, or 1, 3, 7-trimethylxanthine, in its pure state is a neural stimulant (legal) and is often manipulated to improve performance, both […]

  • Healthy Smoothie Recipe | Superfood Berry Blend

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on August 7, 2016

      This simple, quick and tasty breakfast on the go or afternoon snack is a sure winner in the heat of summer! Ingredients   5g Nutri-Purples Fruit Blend 50g Frozen Mixed Berries 50g Low-Fat Yoghurt 5 FlavDrops flavouring – Strawberry flavour Method   1) Add all ingredients to a blender and blitz until smooth. Note | […]

  •   By UK Personal Trainer Jamie Bantleman   When it comes to writing a training programme, there are an abundance of different factors in which you must take into consideration. First and foremost, it’s important to conduct a kinetic chain assessment. Simply put, basic assessments such as where the shoulders sit, how the hips move […]

  • What Is Fartlek Training? | Workouts & Benefits

    By James Kuhlwilm | In Endurance | on August 6, 2016

      Fartlek training, or “speed play” in Swedish, is as fun to do as it is to say. It is an unstructured form of sprint, power and pace training, the principles of which can be mixed into running and cycling. It is best done in the streets or the hills and is a great way […]