• Protein Shake Recipe | Pina Colada

    By Nina Chin | In Recipes | on September 28, 2016

      Enjoy our delicious Pina Colada Protein Shake and get that summery feeling once more! Ingredients   200ml coconut water 75g Frozen Banana 70g Frozen Pineapple 50g Coconut Yogurt 1 scoop Myprotein Pineapple and Coconut protein Method   1) Add all to a blender, blend together and serve. 2) Optional: Why not be extra creative […]

  • Benefits of Chickpeas & Chickpea Recipe: Sweet Hummus

    By Nina Chin | In Nutrition, Recipes | on September 23, 2016

      So you want to get more protein in your diet? Have you thought of these little bundles of goodness? Chickpeas. Oh yes!   Facts about chickpeas   Boasting 15g of protein per can, not to mention a fantastic source of fibre.  They also provide you with a daily shot of vitamins and minerals too. […]

  • Protein Dessert Recipe | Chocolate Brownie Nice Cream

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on September 22, 2016

      Enjoy our guilt-free Chocolate Brownie Nice Cream for a delicious sweet treat! Ingredients   1 scoop Active Women Diet Blend – Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour 250g 0% Greek Yogurt 1 Frozen Banana Method   1) Blend all together until smooth and then place in the freezer for 1 hour to set. 2) Optional: serve with […]

  • Healthy Snack Ideas | Chicken & Broccoli Muffins

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on September 21, 2016

      Our quick and simple Chicken & Broccoli Muffins are delicious hot or cold! Better yet, they’ll last for up to 3 days in the fridge. Ingredients   ½ tsp Coconpure Coconut Oil 150g Cooked Chicken Breast 75g Cooked Broccoli 3 Medium Eggs 150ml Any Milk Salt and pepper Method   1) Preheat the oven 180oC. […]

  • Easy Dessert Recipe | Chocolate Protein Mug Cake

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on September 19, 2016

      When the need for a sweet treat happens, try our low-sugar Protein Mug Cake for a delicious and filling snack! Ingredients   1 scoop Protein Hot Chocolate 100ml Almond Milk 1 Egg Method   1) Mix all ingredients together 2) Place in the microwave for 1 ½ minutes   …Enjoy!

  • Pre-Workout Berry Mocktail Recipe

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on September 15, 2016

      Prepare for a great training session with this delicious Pre-Workout Berry Mocktail!   Ingredients   1 Serving Active Women Pre-Workout – Summer Fruits flavour 50g Frozen Berries 1 Handful Chopped Mint 50ml Coconut Water Method   1) Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake! 2) Filter the liquid into a cocktail glass. Serve with […]

  • Easy Snack Ideas | Quick Snack Wrap

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on September 14, 2016

      These Quick Snack Wraps are ideal for that mid-afternoon hunger hit! Ingredients   25g Peanut Butter 3 Slices of meat 6 Asparagus spears 2 Cups of spinach Method   1) Blanch the asparagus in boiling water for 3 minutes 2) Lay your sliced meat on a plate and spread each piece with ½ tsp of […]

  • Vegan Pina Colada Protein Shake | Dairy-Free Recipe

    By MR PROTEIN | In Recipes | on September 13, 2016

      Our fruity Pina Colada Protein Shake is perfect post-workout fuel! Ingredients   1 Scoop Active Women Vegan Blend Protein Powder – Pineapple & Coconut flavour 200ml Coconut water 75g Frozen Banana 70g Frozen Pineapple 50g Coconut Yogurt Method   1) Add all to a blender blend together and serve. *Why not be extra creative and serve yours […]