• Cardio Workout | Fasted v Unfasted

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition, Training | on December 6, 2016

    Written by Jamie Bantleman Fasted Cardio vs Non-Fasted Cardio First and foremost, lets introduce fasted cardio and ensure we are on the right track when we are discussing it. Many people will post on social media that they are doing a fasted cardio session yet using BCAA’s, Caffeine and Carnitine. This would defeat the object […]

  • Ladies, Will Weight Lifting Make You Bulky?

    By Faye Reid | In Training | on December 5, 2016

    Written by Jamie Bantleman Weight Lifting For Women As a part of the recent Active Range Launch I am aiming to help girls get into the best shape of their lives by de-bunking health and fitness myths. The first one that comes to mind is the belief that women that lift weights will put on […]

  • Day 5 | Christmas Calories

    By Faye Reid | In Training, Wrap Up Christmas | on December 5, 2016

    It’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid. At Christmas time, we hit the gym where the gains are made. And in our fitfam of plenty we can spread a smile of joy. Throw your weights in the air, at Christmas time!  

  • Day 4 | Christmas Workout Playlist

    By Faye Reid | In Training, Wrap Up Christmas | on December 4, 2016

    Written by Charlotte Campbell Christmas Workout Playlist Keeping your playlist fresh is a really good way to reinvigorate your workout. This is never more necessary than with a Christmas workout playlist. The nights are cold, the pubs are beckoning, and you need some festive fitness to keep your body at its peak.   Lucky for […]

  • Written by Jack Boardman Winter Blues It’s that time of year when winter blues takes its toll. But what contributes to being down in the dumps once the summer is over, and what can you do to keep a skip in your step? The winter blues can be a combination of stress-related things, but the […]

  • Are You Logging Your Training? | See The Benefits

    By Faye Reid | In Training | on December 2, 2016

    Written by Tom Macmillan, Natural World Champion Bodybuilder & Online Coach Are You Logging Your Training? Are you logging your training? If not, you could be doing your physique and performance injustice. Exercises, sets, reps, weight and even how it felt SHOULD be logged if you’re looking to maximize your time in the gym, here’s […]

  • Written by Charlotte Campbell How Not To Get ILL Over The Festive Period There’s nothing worse than being ill over the festive period. Rudolph might have made a name for himself with a red nose, but it’s not a look that’ll land you a kiss under the mistletoe. Winter is cold and dark, and you need to […]

  • Written by Jack Boardman Training Equipment: Everything You Need How many family dinners have you sat through where someone’s loosened their belt bemoaning how much they’ve eaten between Christmas and New Year’s Day? How about fitness fiends going on about how all their second helping have ruined the six-pack they’d been working on prior to […]