• Feel Good Foods | 5 Foods To Boost Your Mood

    By Sarah Curran | In Nutrition | on February 23, 2016

      In the winter months, we all tend to feel a little blue with the cold weather and dark mornings. Did you know some foods are known for their mood boosting properties? Keeping your body running effectively is easy when you fuel up with the right foods. These foods tend to be high in a […]

  • Macro-Counting Diets | 6 Ways To Manage your Macronutrients

    By Sarah Curran | In Nutrition | on February 21, 2016

      Managing your macros can be daunting when you first start out – all you know is that it’s important to stick to them. But where do you start? Here are some tips I have found to make macro-counting super easy and efficient. #1 Get scales   Weighing out your food isn’t for everyone, but it […]

  • Eat Out & Lose Weight | 6 Ways To Make Healthier Food Choices

    By Sarah Curran | In Nutrition | on February 19, 2016

      There’s no need to miss out on meals in fear of ruining your hard work in the gym. Here are some simple tips that will help you stay on track with your nutrition while enjoying meals out! #1 Not all restaurant choices are equal   Although you will find calorie dense low nutritional value […]

  • How To Get Lean | 8 Tips For A Successful Cutting Season

    By MR PROTEIN | In Nutrition | on February 15, 2016

      By Myprotein Writer Timothy Mobbs Whether it’s the holiday-comedown or the thought of summer being just around the corner, cutting fat is definitely something that will be going through your mind. It sounds easy in principle: “I’ll just eat a bit less junk, snack a bit less and hit the gym a little harder”. […]

  •   Oats are a great staple in any athletes diet. They provide slow release energy, and are jam packed with health-boosting fibre. Here are some great ideas for giving your oats some life in the mornings! #1 Cacao breakfast oats   Ingredients – 80g Rolled oats – 10 g Organic cacao powder – 240ml Skimmed […]

  •   Chia seeds are a nutritional power house that come from a plant in the mint family. They have a vast amount of benefits when added into your diet. They are not only a brilliant source of fibre, but also contain linolenic acid, the plant form of omega three fatty acids. Chia seeds contain both […]

  •   By Myprotein Writer |  Nathan Travell  Ever weigh yourself to try and gauge your progress? Ever felt the frustration when the scale reads out the same number for weeks on end? You aren’t alone. Turns out there are powerful reasons why your weight may stay constant despite a cut in calories. …Enter water weight […]

  • Craving Sugary & Salty Foods? | How To Stop Food Cravings

    By MR PROTEIN | In Nutrition | on January 26, 2016

      By Jamie Wykes Hobday | Primarily, we should first acknowledge what a craving truly is and what causes them. A craving technically is an intense, urgent or abnormal desire for something and can be caused by factors such as dehydration (dehydration manifests itself as a hunger), hormonal fluctuations, emotional attachments, macronutrient/micronutrient deficiencies or […]

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