• Matcha | Is The Cult Green Tea Health Beneficial?

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition | on February 3, 2017

    Written by Sarah Curran Matcha Tea is one of the most common and popular drinks in the world. Green tea is well known for its antioxidant and health boosting properties. Recently, Matcha tea has been hailed as being potentially even more beneficial to our health due to it containing more catechins than standard green tea. […]

  • Written by Sarah Curran Indigestion We’ve all experienced that unpleasant feeling that comes hand in hand with over indulgence, most commonly known as indigestion, or to put a more formal name upon it, dyspepsia. Here are some tips to help tackle this common issue over the snacking season, and also an explanation of why this […]

  • January Blues | Resist Cheat Meals

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition, Training | on January 31, 2017

    Written by Akesha Smith January Blues: How To Deal With Them The festive season has ended. The days are shorter and the nights seem quieter. Welcome to the January Blues!   This is the time when we reflect on all the things we indulged in during the holidays and wished we had not consumed so […]

  • Written by Charlotte Campbell Zoats For Breakfast Any fitness fan worth their spiralizer will tell you courgettes are any low-cal cook’s best friend. But increasingly, courgetti is being overshadowed by its breakfast counterpart – zoats. Over 42,000 Instagram posts feature #zoats, so what is the fuss about? Made from oats and courgette, zoats is porridge […]

  • Written by Jamie Bantleman  Top 5 Nutrition Tips #1 Detoxification   Our bodies have been put through a fair amount of stress over the festive break with a lot of junk food and alcohol being passed through our digestive system. This can cause a string of problems from gut inflammation to irregular blood sugar levels […]

  • Low Calorie Diets | Do They Work?

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition | on January 30, 2017

    Are Low-Calorie Diets The Way Forward? Very low-calorie diets are appealing to many people due to their promises of fast weight loss and quick results. Indeed, a dramatic drop in calories will equate to a dramatic drop in weight, but this approach has its downfalls too, and is actually only recommended as a last resort […]

  • Eat Clean, Stay Motivated & Achieve Your Goals

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition, Training | on January 27, 2017

    Written by Akesha Smith Eat Clean And Stay On Track You’ve stuck to your New Year’s resolution, you’ve joined a gym, started a juice cleanse, but something still doesn’t feel right? You should feel motivated and ready to go! You’ve got the latest tech and all the supplements needed, but for some reason, you feel […]

  • Iron Deficiency In Women | The Female Athlete

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition, Supplements | on January 27, 2017

    Written by Christopher Tack ­­ Iron Intake & The Female Athlete What do Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez, Venus Williams and the late singer and drummer Karen Carpenter have in common?   The answer is that they have all suffered the impact of iron deficiency and anaemia. In the case of Venus Williams, whilst hers was […]