Ostritch burger

Low-Carb Meals | Ostrich Burger with Tomato & Mozzarella

    Our delicious low-carb meal is sure to satisfy your hunger for lunch or dinner! Our lean ostrich burgers ...
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carb back-loading

Carb Back-Loading | What Is It? How Does It Work? Benefits?

  Like Intermittent Fasting, Carb Back-Loading (CBL) is a fast growing trend in the fitness industry right now. The common ...
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Banana icecream

Healthy Dessert Recipes | Creamy Banana Ice-Cream

    Probably one of our most simple and delicious recipes yet:  2 ingredients and less 5 minutes to make! Sprinkle ...
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nutrition on track

Fallen Off The Wagon? | 7 Ways To Get Your Diet Back-On-Track

  Indulged a little too much throughout the Summer holidays? Don't worry - I think we all have! BBQ's, Festivals, ...
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beginners back day

Beginners Back Workout | 4 Exercises For A Bigger, Stronger Back

Building a wide, thick back can have a huge impact on the overall look of your physique. The famous 'v-taper' is ...
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healthy smoothies

Guest Recipes | 5 Healthy Super-Smoothie Recipes

  Smoothies are all the rage at the moment, and rightly so – they’re an easy way to get essential ...
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bikini fitness

8 Must-Read Tips For Beginner Bikini Competitors

  Training for a fitness competition is a really exciting time - however, there's no doubt that it can be ...
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high protein vegetables

Plant-Built Muscle | Top 5 High Protein Vegetables

  “Protein, protein, protein!” You can’t escape the fact that protein has crossed into mainstream consciousness and is no longer ...
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reduce sugar intake

How To Reduce Your Sugar Intake | 8 Ways To Eat Less Sugar

  Although it is absolutely fine to enjoy some sugar in moderation, nowadays there is so much hidden sugar in ...
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peanut butter choc cheesecake

Gluten-Free Desserts | Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe

    This gluten free version of the normal fat and sugar-laden cheesecake is simple to make as its no ...
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crossfit bodyweight workout

CrossFit Bodyweight Workout | 5 Exercises To Increase Overall Strength

  Performing workouts without weights allows you to keep track of improvements easily; for example, once you move from knee push-ups ...
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Trans Fats | What Are They & Why Are They Bad For You?

  Fats are definitely up there as one of the most talked about in the fitness industry - often conflicting ...
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