rob lipsett

Behind The Scenes with Athlete & Fitness YouTuber Rob Lipsett | Myprotein Video

  Take a look behind the scenes of our photoshoot with Irish Athlete Rob Lipsett & Vinny ...
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glycaemic index

What Is The Glycaemic Index? | How To Measure Low & High GI Foods

  By Personal Trainer & Health Consultant | William Slatter   The glycaemic index (GI) is a way of quantifying ...
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deadlift correct form and exercise technique

Benefits Of Compound Movement Exercises | Build Mass, Burn Fat

  By Personal Trainer & Health Consultant | William Slatter   The resistance exercises you do in the gym can ...
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sports tape

What Is Sports Tape? | The Benefits of Kinesiology Tape | Myprotein Video

  Kinesiology Tape | Key Benefits ✓  95% cotton/5% spandex ✓ May promote blood flow & help with posture ...
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superfood blends

Why You Need Superfoods In Your Diet | Benefits Of Fruit & Veg Blends

  Fruit and veg blends are a growing trend within the fitness industry, and for good reason! ...
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superfood smoothie bowl red velvet

Superfood Snacks | Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl

  Our Red Velvet Smoothie Bowl is a delicious feast for both the eyes and the stomach. This ...
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lookbook myprotein 2016

Spring Lookbook 2016 | Behind The Scenes with Anca Surdu | Myprotein Video

  Take a look behind the scenes at the creation the Myprotein Spring Lookbook 2016 - Featuring Romanian ...
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guarana extract

What Is Guarana Extract? | Benefits of Drinks & Powdered Supplements

  By Myprotein Writer | Chris Tack Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist Imagine, it is 1669 and you are a part ...
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How To Use Skin Fold Calipers | Measuring Body Fat Percentage

  By Personal Trainer & Health Consultant | William Slatter If there is one thing which all gym goers ...
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Snowboarding Freestyle | GoPro Snowboarding Tricks with Dom Harington | Myprotein Video

  Take a look at these freestyle snowboarding tricks with our athlete Dom Harington!   A photo posted by ...
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cutting season

Bulking & Cutting | 3 Tips To Maximise Your Cutting Season

  By Edd Oldfield | Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer   When it comes to leaning up for summer, it's always ...
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quick summer snacks

Healthy Summer Treats | 4 Quick & Filling Snacks

  Avoid the ice-cream this Summer and create some of these simple, delicious and filling treats! #1 ...
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