Myprotein Fitness Blogger Awards 2015 – Nominate your Favourite Blogger

As the Number 1 Sports Nutrition brand in Europe, Myprotein is constantly connecting with blogging enthusiasts in the area of ...
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protein rocky road dessert

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth | 5 Must-Try Protein Desserts

  Dessert doesn't have to be a "guilty" treat. Whether you're cutting for a show, trying to get back into ...
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kara paris halliwell

CrossFit Training Techniques | Mastering The Clean and Jerk Exercise

  The power jerk is an Olympic weightlifting movement. It’s a fantastic method that allows you to drive the bar ...
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healthy desserts pecan pie energy balls

Healthy Desserts | Pecan Pie Energy Ball Recipe

    Our pecan-coated energy balls are an ideal pre or post workout snack, containing slow-energy releasing oats with ground ...
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healthy grass fed burger and crispy carrot chips

Healthy Meals | Grass-Fed Burger and Crispy Carrot Chips

    Our delicious grass-fed burgers are succulent and lean - perfect for a tasty, macro-friendly "treat." Accompany them with ...
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tips for your first yoga class training

Yoga For Beginners | Top 5 Tips For Your First Yoga Class

  Flexibility is one of the most important components of physical fitness, but is often the most overlooked, especially with ...
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chest workout best exercises

Best Chest Workout | 5 Cruel and Unusual Chest Exercises You Haven’t Tried

  Gareth Sapstead | UK Personal Trainer www.thefitnessmaverick.com Most of us have our own go-to exercises that we either stick ...
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kara paris halliwell

Eat & Train Like A CrossFit Athlete | Kara Paris Halliwell On Nutrition & Training

  CrossFit has taken the fitness industry by storm since soaring onto the scene in 2000. The strength-based programme founded ...
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vegetarian meal prep

Vegetarian Meal Prep Recipe | Healthy Lunch & Dessert Idea

    Our Vegetarian meal prep recipe is great for both veggies and meat eaters with macros sporting a friendly 30g of ...
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cardio motivation buddy up

Bored of Cardio Workouts? | The 7 Best Ways To Make Cardio Fun

  Cardio and weightlifting go hand in hand, one compliments the other. However, cardio is a bit like Marmite, you ...
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burning calories

Boost Your Metabolism | 8 Ways To Burn More Calories

  Doing something is better than doing nothing, we all know that. However, sometimes we can do everything right but ...
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women and protein

Do Women Even Need Protein? | Top 3 Myths Busted

 By Emma Campbell www.whatemmadid.com There are a few different stereotypes when it comes to protein intake and diets, especially when ...
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