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Training Motivation | 5 Tips For Breaking A Weight-Loss Plateau

Training Motivation | 5 Tips For Breaking A Weight-Loss Plateau
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Luke Teuma | UK Personal

One of the main reasons why people hire personal trainers is not only to lose weight or gain muscle but actually because of a lack of motivation.

The most common things people find tough consist of not being motivated to go to the gym, not being motivated to change up their workouts and finding the determination to push themselves to their maximum potential.

Here are some top tips to get yourself out of that frustrating plateau...

#1 Acknowledge your own personal motivation

Whether it's a person, a photo you dislike of yourself, a specific goal or even someone you're trying to prove wrong, have a motivator!

If you don't have a strong motivator in the gym you won't have much chance of going that extra mile, this is because the workout doesn't mean anything to you.

On the other hand, if you have an image of yourself of which you'd prefer to improve upon, look at it before you go to the gym to get you pumped and determined to smash a workout!

#2 Have a purpose for training

Do you go to the gym, have a little wander around, see what is free and then get a bit sweaty? This isn't a great approach to any workout and can easily make you demotivated.

Make sure EVERY TIME you go to the gym you have a purpose. This could be a particular muscle group to work, a target distance to jog, a certain amount of calories you'd like to burn or even a weak area you want to improve. Again, this method will make you have a clear understanding of why you're there and therefore you won't give up until you've completed your task.

#3 Find out what gets you in the zone!

I personally love music - I use big headphones which leave me in my own little world which helps focus solely on my workout. This can also stop you from chit -chatting too much and getting on with you workout!

Even with a training partner who equally works as hard as you, this will get you in a good zone as they will push and motivate you to the best of your ability! Alternatively, try using a photo to motivate you, watch inspirational videos before a workout or even scroll through your favourite quotes in your phone!

#4 Remember why you started

If all of the above haven't seemed to work, when you really feel like ‘taking it easy’ or ‘not pushing yourself’ the easiest way to get you motivated is to think why you started: the very root to why you bought a gym membership in the first place.

Whatever that may be, keep it mind, then go and make every workout you have the best one yet! Changing your body and mind isn't ever easy, persistence and patience is key the harder you work at it, the better results you'll get in return.

#5 Evaluate nutritional choices

Many a time I've found people who have asked me why they are not losing weight/dropping body fat when they are working so hard in the gym.

A simple answer? Your diet.

Exercise can take you only so far until your efforts have to be highly complimented by what your eating. If you don't put in as much hard work into your food preparation as you do your workouts, the ratio just isn't correct.

Not only will absorbing the correct nutrients help you lose body fat and weight, but they can also help to increase your strength and promote muscle growth. Make sure you evaluate your diet before thinking you’re not destined to reach your goal. Do what works for you to stay on track:

? Food diaries.

? Fitness apps.

? Getting a group of friends to join in for constant motivation!

Take Home Message

Use these tips and really think about how you can make it personal to you.

Something as simple as changing your perspective can really soak into your workouts - mentality is everything!


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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