Hitting The Halfway Point | Punit’s Muay Thai Challenge

This summer we’ve asked 4 brave Myprotein employees to take on #MyChallenge and push themselves to the limit by taking on a new sport. Punit’s now 4 weeks into his life-changing muay thai challenge and starting to feel the mental and physical effects.

We caught up with him to find out how he’s getting on and to get some insight on what the toughest thing is about taking on such a disciplined sport.



What’s been the hardest part so far?

Training has by far been the hardest part of the challenge — it’s super intense and brutal. I wasn’t expecting the amount of endurance and cardio that goes into it. I’ve played many sports before, but this is by far the most challenging. My overall routine has completely changed, I’m more of a morning gym person, however, this has all been evening sessions, so the tiredness just takes over, and you just never want to do anything because you have zero energy!


What’s surprised you the most about this challenge?

I think it’s the balance of trying to do everything that I didn’t expect to be so hard. Working a full day at work and then heading to the sessions and training. On top of this, I’m trying to plan a wedding which makes it so difficult to have any free time. But I’ve been trying to manage the time effectively, so I’m not behind on anything.


Are you looking forward to the next 4 weeks?

Yes, looking towards the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s been a tough and gruelling first 4 weeks and hopefully I can look to maintain my training and my gym sessions to finish the next 4 weeks on a high. I’m just hoping that no injuries get in the way!


What one piece of advice would you want to go back and give yourself when you started?

Why did I apply for this?! I think personally it would have been to have started training and build up my endurance before I started. That’s been the most difficult thing for me, on top of controlling a steady diet. For this challenge, your mind frame has to be spot on — you have to make sure you want it as much as possible.


What have you enjoyed the most about this experience so far?

It has definitely made me come out of my comfort zone, stepping into that muay thai gym was so intimidating and scary. Now though, as the weeks have gone by, it’s become so much more comfortable and become a little family — everyone is there for each other. My confidence has come back, and the weight loss has been a bonus. I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t worn in a year which makes me feel so much better!

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Get Up To Date On Punit's #MyChallenge | Muay Thai Feed


Get Up To Date On Punit's #MyChallenge | Muay Thai Feed

Find out about everything that's happened so far.

2019-07-16 15:47:02By Evangeline Howarth

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Evangeline Howarth

Evangeline Howarth


Evangeline has taken part in competitive sports since a young age. As a qualified RYA Dinghy Instructor, she understands the importance of proper nutrition for fuelling extreme and endurance sports, especially due to her experience in Team GBR Squads and captaining and coaching her University first team.

In her spare time, Evangeline loves running – especially marathons. On the weekends, you’ll find her taking on water sports or hiking up a hill. Her favourite evenings are spent taking on a HIIT session or squats in the gym before digging into some spicy food and a ton of vegetables – yum!

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