Build-A-Booty Workout Routine | Glute Growth


By UK Personal Trainer

Jamie Bantleman

Training your glutes is a process in that many people may get wrong due to their focus being on very small movements, often neglecting the major exercises that really engage the glute muscles and the muscles around it – such as the hamstrings.

Build-A-Booty Plan

The training plan I have devised is a giant set that 5 of the 6 exercises are timed for 40 seconds, this is to create a large lactate build up in the muscle and will create good quality muscle damage.

From doing this you will see awesome muscular hypertrophy in the targeted muscle.

Additional Training Gear

Upon preference, try out some of the below exercises with resistance bands, as using these will seriously improve your strength and change your training effect!

There is also the weights belt to attach the dumbbell to which is explained in ‘A2’.

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Plank Intervals 3 10s x 10s
B1 Bent Knee Back Extension 3 8-10 3110 30s
C1 BB Hip Extension 3 8-10 3110 30s

Training Notes

A1 | Plank Intervals

Plank should be held very tight in both the glutes and abs for only 10s so contract as hard as possible – this is a pre activation phase.

B1 | Bent Knee Back Extension

Back extension with slightly bent knees, stretching hamstrings as far as possible to then slowly raise up while contracted your glutes.

C1 | BB Hip Extension

Bar to be rested upon your hips and shoulders and head to be rested on a bench. Raise your hips upward to fully contract glutes to then squeeze at the top


Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A1 Wide Stance Barbell Squat 5 40s 3110 10s
A2 Sumo Squat with weight belt and dumbbell attached 5 40s 3110 10s
A3 DB RDL 5 40s 3110 10s
A4 DB Long Range Lunge 5 40s 2110 10s
A5 High Step Up 5 20s each leg 2010 10s
A6 Banded High and Wide Leg Press 5 10 reps 3-10-0-1 120s

Training Notes

A1 | Wide Stance Barbell Squat

Stance to be outside of shoulder width and to go as low as is possible (do not lose your form) – squeeze glutes at the top.

A2 | Sumo Squat with weight belt and dumbbell attached

A step to be under each foot so you can add weight to the weight belt and squat until the dumbbell touches the ground and drive up. Stance to be wider than shoulder width again – squeeze glutes at the top.


Knees slightly bent and work through hip flexion until hamstrings are fully stretched then moving into hip extension as you drive hips through to squeeze glutes.

A4 | DB Long Range Lunge

Walking Lunge to long strides and slowly lower until knee is slightly off the ground.

A5 | High Step Up

Foot to be elevated above your standing leg (knee) and then drive up on the same leg for 20s and then repeat the other leg.

A6 | Banded High and Wide Leg Press

10 second isometric hold at bottom of movement

If your leg press doesn’t have a band attachment you can take some heavy dumbbells and put the bands around the dumbbells and then around the bars on the leg press. Each rep will have a 10 second isometric hold at the bottom of each rep after taking 3 seconds to come down (eccentric)


Kick start your build-a-booty workout with some energy-boosting supplements

Pre Workout supplements are also always used by my clients and I, my choice would be:

? L-Carnitine x 2 capsules

? 1 scoop of Myamino Energy

? Single shot of espresso (for extra caffeine if you’ve had a long day!)

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