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What Is Chlorella? What Are The Benefits?


Let’s face it, for many of us, the prospect of eating algae is generally not too exciting. In fact, to some people, it may sound pretty disgusting, but don’t be so quick to judge. Some of the healthiest nutritional supplements in the world are derived from algae, with Spirulina and Chlorella perhaps being the most popular and the most widely recognised.


We’ll cover spirulina another day, as today, we would instead like to focus on Chlorella. If you’re looking to improve your health and well-being, providing you are exercising regularly, and eating healthily, you will probably have considered using nutritional supplements to help make you that little bit fitter and healthier. No supplement stack based around health and well-being, however, would be complete without Chlorella. So, to help you learn more about this amazing algae, here is a general overview.


What Is Chlorella?

Chlorella is one of the oldest species of algae in the entire world, and it is affectionately referred to as the ‘Jewel of the East’. So, no prizes for guessing where on the planet this species of algae originates from. Yes, native to the Far East, particularly Japan and Taiwan, Chlorella is a species of algae that thrives in freshwater, with a single cell structure.


Chlorella is not only super-healthy, it is also very sustainable, as it has the ability to reproduce, on average, 8 times in a single day. This alga is enriched with chlorophyll as well as countless other nutrients, meaning it can provide countless health benefits in a whole variety of different ways. Studies have found that not only can chlorella treat and prevent numerous health conditions and ailments, it may also be able to fight obesity, speed up fat loss, and increase the metabolism – resulting in increased energy levels.


Like Spirulina, Chlorella is a blue-green alga, though the benefits it can provide are very different, making this alga very unique. As it is known to provide so many health benefits (which we’ll be looking at in just a few moments) chlorella is now available in supplement form, so you can reap the rewards associated with this fantastic alga in the comfort of your own home. Oh, and don’t worry, chlorella supplements actually taste great and work very well with other nutritious ingredients as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Chlorella?

Chlorella provides an entire cacophony of health advantages for the human body, and whilst listing each one would take us forever, we will treat you to a sneak peak of some of the most pivotal health benefits associated with chlorella supplementation.

Very Nutritious


One reason why so many people are supplementing with chlorella on a daily basis is that it is so hugely nutritious. Chlorella is packed full of vitamin A, vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, and protein.

Supports The Immune System


As chlorella contains so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients, it helps to support and strengthen the immune system. This is very important because the stronger our immune systems, the healthier we are and the less likely we are to become ill. Studies have found that regular chlorella supplementation can increase T-cell production and activity, which basically means your body will have more natural antibodies, making you healthier.

Rich In Plant-Based Proteins


For those of you on a plant-based diet, or who simply cannot consume regular dairy-based protein supplements, chlorella is ideal. The algae contain around 16g of protein per ounce, and what’s more, it contains a combination of essential, and non-essential proteins and amino acids. For people looking to increase or maintain their muscle mass, chlorella is perfect.

Spirulina powder

Promotes Weight Loss


Losing weight is tough, but it just got a heck of a lot easier thanks to chlorella! Chlorella contributes towards weight loss as it helps regulate hormones responsible for basic metabolic functions, plus it is naturally low in calories and fat. The fact that it helps regulate the metabolism is important because it means we have more energy. The more energy we have, the more active we become, and the more calories we burn.

Helps Prevent And Fight Cancer


This is perhaps the most significant health benefit associated with chlorella, and it is backed up by scientific evidence. Studies have found that chlorella helps to suppress cancerous tumour frequencies, plus it has been found to actually destroy cancerous cells and reduce their survival rates. Plus, as chlorella is so nutritious and beneficial for the immune system, the stronger a person’s immunity, the less likely they will be to suffer from cancer in the first place. Sometimes prevention is the best cure, and this is certainly the case with cancer and chlorella.

Detoxifies The Body


Finally, the last benefit we’ll be looking at today is the fact that chlorella helps detoxify the body. It has the ability to wrap itself around harmful toxins loitering in the body and prevent them from being reabsorbed. As they have nowhere to go, eventually they are excreted before they can cause any damage. This means that dangerous metals such as lead, or mercury, pose less of a threat to our health when we supplement with chlorella.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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