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By Myprotein Writer 

Veronica Chu

The idea of a flex bowl comes from the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) school of fitness nutrition. Basically the aim of the bowl is to use up whatever remains of your macros at the end of the day.

Having said this, flex bowls can be consumed any time of the day – if you can fit it into your macros!

The beauty of a flex bowl is how versatile and easy they are to put together. They can contain whatever you want (yes, naughty ingredients are allowed!) in whatever quantities you need.

Creating Flex Bowls

1) Figure out your macros

2) Track your food for the day using as app such as My Fitness Pal

3) Check to see what macros you’re missing

4) Choose your base for the flex bowl

5) Choose your toppings

Optional step 6 – take a photo of your pretty creation and add to the growing collection of #flexbowl tags on Instagram!

Sweet Flex Bowls |

Protein Bowl Example


Protein option

Examples: Greek yogurt, Quark, cottage cheese, 2 scoops casein (if using casein, mix with water to form a thick paste)

Carb option 

Examples:  Oats/muesli/granola

Protein and carb option

Oats and protein powder (tip: try finely grating half a courgette into this to make ‘zoats’, the porridge recipe that took the world by storm in 2015)

Protein Fats Carbs
Protein bars/snacks Nut butters Granola
Quark Nuts Cereal
Greek yogurt Seeds Banana
Protein/Casein powder Desiccated coconut Mixed fruit



‘Treats’ Superfoods Flavour
Protein chocolate Goji berries Sugar free syrup
Favourite sweets Cacao nibs Cinnamon/spices
Favourite chocolate Chia seeds FlavDrops
Cream/custard Bee pollen, hemp Agave nectar/honey

Savoury Flex Bowl

‘Mexican tacos inspired’


Protein option

Example: 2 whole eggs, 4 egg whites

Carb option

Example: 150g white/brown basmati rice



Protein Fats Carbs/veg
110g cooked low fat beef mince 50g  reduced-fat cheese Sweetcorn
110g cooked turkey/chicken breast Guacamole/avocado Beans/peas
110g cooked tofu Halloumi Lettuce
110g cooked egg whites Fish (also protein) Salsa

Optional extras

100g greek yogurt (or soured cream)

Take Home Message

Flex bowls are just that – flexible!

Work out your macros and get creative with these delicious creations.

Make Myprotein’s Own Flex Bowl Creation!

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