Period Gains | Reduce Menstrual Pain | 7 Top Foods

Written by Laura Isherwood

Reduce Menstrual Pain

Find yourself in the toilet every 5 minutes? The fear of leaking tampons has become a daily worry for many women, alongside killer cramps and extreme bloating, not to forget the constant irritation caused by pretty much anyone and anything.

Constantly craving junk food and sugar, eating anything in the realm of healthy eating may seem like a test of willpower, however here are 7 foods to help your period that little more bearable.

period pain

#1 Ginger


Fresh or grounded, ginger has been found to reduce painful abdominal cramping. Research suggests that ginger reduces pain as effectively as mefenamic acid (anti-inflammatory painkiller) and ibuprofen. Make your very own brew: peel a thumb-sized piece of root ginger, slice finely and place in a pot of hot water, add lemon and leave for 5 minutes.

#2 Salmon


Those who consume omega 3 have stated milder period pains. Oily fish such as salmon (mackerel, trout and sardines too) are packed full of anti-inflammatory fats. Boost your omega 3 by consuming oily fish at least twice a week. To further boost your omega 3 consumption, try flaxseeds, walnuts, or even omega 3 supplementation.

salmon fillet

#3 Steak


Suffer from heavy periods? It is wildly common that women are low on iron when the painters and decorators are in, the biggest sign being the feeling of extreme tiredness. Red meat is the richest dietary source of iron, however if you’re not a meat eater, feast on spinach, beans and lentils. Why not try adding an iron tablet to your morning smoothie, whisk that pain away!

#4 Green Leafy Vegetables


Not usually the top of anybody’s craving list, however kale, spinach and broccoli have high magnesium content, proven to reduce cramps and also make you more relaxed. Containing vitamins A, C, B5, E, calcium and potassium, these superfoods help alleviate PMS symptoms.

Kale crisps

#5 Natural Probiotic Yoghurt


The high calcium content within natural yoghurt has been found to ease menstrual cramps. Studies have even found that calcium-rich diets lowers the risk for developing PMS by 40% (yes please!). Containing “friendly” bacteria, probiotic yoghurt also supports the digestive system and also reduces persistent bloating.

#6 Dark Chocolate


You have got to be kidding? Fortunately not! Intense chocolate cravings are very common in the run up to the ‘dark side’, whilst excessive sugar isn’t a great idea, try eating dark chocolate. It has lower sugar content in comparison to white chocolate and milk chocolate, yet still satisfies your sweet cravings- it also is a rich source of magnesium (bonus!).

how to beat food cravings sugar

#7 Sunflower Seeds


One of the richest sources of vitamin E, helps ease sore breasts and period cramps. Up your vitamin E intake with avocado, eggs, liver and almonds.













Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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