•   Georgina Ellis | CrossFit, Running & Yoga   CrossFit and Paleo go together like a burger and chips (oh the irony!) but is the caveman diet optimal for CrossFit athletes? And who actually follows this sort of diet in the CrossFit world? Let’s find out… What is the Paleo Diet? There is no real […]

  • Pre & Post-Workout | Benefits Of Fast Acting Carbs

    By Sarah Curran | In Nutrition | on July 13, 2016

      Carbs have a bad reputation, particularly simple carbs and especially amongst the ladies. There is a popular misconception that carbs in general make you fat, which leads many people to believe that avoiding them is the best route to fat loss and achieving the physique of their dreams. This is not the case, and […]

  • Macronutrient Timing Whilst Bulking | Does It Matter?

    By Sarah Curran | In Nutrition | on July 12, 2016

      Macronutrient timing can be a confusing topic at the best of times, but when it comes to bulking – does it actually matter? Let’s take a look at the facts… What does ‘macronutrient timing’ mean? Macronutrients consist of protein, fats and carbohydrates. Macronutrient timing is simply the timing you implement through your day to […]

  • 6 Delicious Lucuma Powder Recipes

    By Sarah Curran | In Nutrition | on July 10, 2016

      Lucuma is a tropical fruit native to Peru. It grows best in coastal valleys at high altitudes and is rich in Iron, niacin vitamin B3 and calcium. With its sweet flavour it is a great addition to both smoothies and baked treats! #1 Mango and Lucuma Smoothie   Ingredients 1 Scoop Impact Whey Protein – […]

  • Lactose Intolerant? | Dairy-Free Calcium Sources

    By Sarah Curran | In Nutrition | on July 9, 2016

      Milk and dairy products include some nutrients required for good overall health – including protein and vitamins such as vitamin D, B12 and A. Lactose is also important for the absorption of other minerals such as magnesium and zinc. If you suffer from intolerance to lactose, it can put you in a vulnerable position for […]

  • What Is Teff Flour? | 5 Teff Grain Benefits

    By MR PROTEIN | In Nutrition | on July 9, 2016

      By Myprotein Writer Alex Simpson   In a world where there is seemingly a “superfood” being announced every single week, it can be tough to take the word seriously from time to time. We know that we should be consuming plenty of fresh and nutrient-dense foods on a daily basis, but finding these foods […]

  • What Is A Flexbowl? | IIFYM Meal Planning

    By MR PROTEIN | In Nutrition | on July 8, 2016

      By Myprotein Writer  Veronica Chu   The idea of a flex bowl comes from the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) school of fitness nutrition. Basically the aim of the bowl is to use up whatever remains of your macros at the end of the day. Having said this, flex bowls can be consumed […]

  •   We all love a bit of fast food every now and again, but there is no denying that it can have some negative effects on the body – especially if it’s consumed frequently. Here are some common issues with a diet high in fast food. Energy crashes   Junk/fast food tends to be lacking the essential nutrients […]