• Cardio Workout | Fasted v Unfasted

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition, Training | on December 6, 2016

    Written by Jamie Bantleman Fasted Cardio vs Non-Fasted Cardio First and foremost, lets introduce fasted cardio and ensure we are on the right track when we are discussing it. Many people will post on social media that they are doing a fasted cardio session yet using BCAA’s, Caffeine and Carnitine. This would defeat the object […]

  • Written by Alex Simpson Surprising Health Benefits Of Your Favourite Christmas Spices One of the best things about Christmas is the wonderful scents and smells that we associate with this time of year. When we think of Christmas, of course we think of food, drink, parties, and generally having fun, and whilst many typical Christmas […]

  • Glucomannan | The Health Benefits

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition, Supplements | on December 5, 2016

    Written by Jamie Bantleman Glucomannan Glucomannan is a health supplement that is used for the restriction of calories in diets which in turn acts as a weight loss product. When looking to lose body fat or lose weight you must maintain a calories deficit, however, in doing this you may find that you struggle to […]

  • 7 Top Healthy Breakfast Ideas | 7 Tasty Choices

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition | on December 5, 2016

    Written by Jamie Bantleman The Healthy Breakfast I often find clients and members of the gym complain that they cannot manage to eat the breakfasts that I recommend. In days gone by I have been a strong believer in the ‘meat and nut’ method and still agree that this is the best diet if you […]

  • Written by Alex Simpson Tips For The Ultimate Healthy Christmas Dinner Other than the presents, Christmas dinner is perhaps the highlight of Christmas itself, as it is certainly more spectacular than your standard Sunday roast dinner. Christmas dinner is a great way to get friends and family members around the dinner table, to bring you […]

  • Peanut Butter Lover | Endless Combinations

    By Faye Reid | In Nutrition | on December 2, 2016

    Written by Chloe Thurston Peanut Butter Just like many people out there, peanut butter holds a special place in my heart. The combinations you can mix it with are endless! The fact that it tastes so amazing isn’t it’s only amazing quality – it’s a healthy fat too! That’s right, I said healthy. There are […]

  • Nutrition For Children | What Is Relevant?

    By Faye Reid | In Children's Range, Nutrition | on December 2, 2016

    Written by Chloe Thurston Healthy Eating For Children Nutrition is important for everyone, but it is especially important for children because it is the building blocks that determine their growth and development. Poor nutrition as a child can lead to health problems, obesity or malnutrition. Children that maintain a healthy weight are more likely to […]

  • Written by Jack Boardman On The Thirst Day of Christmas Christmas is a time for making merry with family, friends, colleagues and teams – the list goes on, and for those who play as hard as they work in the gym, that is an awful lot of making merry. Far be it from us to […]