Top 5 Gym Tips For Girls By #girlgains Creator Victoria Spence

Myprotein Ambassador, PT & Bikini Athlete and #girlgains creator Victoria Spence has compiled a list of her must-do tips to prevent time-wasting at the gym!

These tips should make your time at the gym a lot easier, therefore focusing your full attention on your training.

TIP #1: Prep your gym bag

fitness motivation victoria spence

Always make sure you pack your gym back the night before!

Doing so will not only make sure you don’t forget any of the most important bits, but it may just prevent you from skipping the gym when you’re nice and comfortable in bed.

Try using compact, travel-sized shampoo and conditioner bottles and pack them in a toiletry bag for convenience – this may also prevent spillage over your clothes for the day!

TIP #2: Use Coconut Oil!

coconut oil uses for hair skin nails
Not just a delicious cooking oil, smoothie enhancer and a dream addition to your morning coffee – it will also keep your wild gym-hair at bay!
Try scooping a tiny bit of coconut oil into your hands and running it through your hair, then wrap it up in a bun! This will leave your hair nice and secure with no annoying wispy bits flying out mid-set.

✓ Wash the coconut oil out of hair after your training session, and once dry – your hair will be lovely and soft.

TIP #3: Secure your loose hair-grips and bobbles!

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Have you ever spent ages digging around in your gym bag trying to find a hair clip before a workout?!

✓ One of the best tips for keeping everything together and easy to find, is popping all of your hair grips into an empty tic-tac box.

✓ This makes them so much easier to find and keeps them altogether rather than being dotted all over the place.

Another tip for those loose bobbles...

fitness motivation

Place your bobbles onto a large safety pin and attach it onto the side of your gym bag. This ensures that you’ll always have your hair grips and bobbles every-time you goto the gym.

Nothing worse than being offered an elastic band for your hair… ouch.

TIP 4#: Secure your keys and phone

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Do you ever walk away from a machine unaware that you’ve left your keys and phone chilling on the side… your stomach actually drops for a minute.

Attach your keys onto a bobble/elastic band and wrap it around your shaker/water bottle.

For your phone: get creative and use an old sock to make a DIY phone pocket.

Chop the end off an elasticated sock and fold it up on your arm to prevent panic of losing your phone.

TIP #5: Don’t forget EARPHONES!

fitness motivation music

This may seem obvious for some – but honestly, listening to your own music (not cheesy gym music) whilst exercising makes a whole world of difference.

Music can make your workout a lot more enjoyable, keep you motivated throughout your workout and help when you’re really struggling through the last few reps.

Take Home Message

Hopefully you’ve found these tips useful.

Feel free to comment with any of your own tips or tricks!

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