Why Establishing A Workout Routine Is The Key To Success

Establishing A Workout Routine

Routines are often given a bad rep these days. They don’t seem to blend with catchy phrases like “seize the day!” or “live every day as if it’s your last!”
The trouble is, that when we live without routine we often lose out on achieving the long-term goals that you can’t realise within a single day. Being fit, healthy and in good shape is a lifestyle, and lifestyles are made up of routine choices we make over a long period of time.

The road to failed goals is paved with good intentions. We make vague resolutions like “I’m going to lose a stone this year” or “I’m going to get into weightlifting and build muscle.” But the truth is these great goals are useless without the routine and structure to make them happen.

When you first start out on a fitness journey, novelty can carry you without a routine. However, without using this time to establish exercise as part of your routine, you may soon find your attentiveness to exercise slipping. There are plenty of reasons to miss a workout if you do not consider it a non-negotiable part of your day.

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Incorporate Exercise

An easy way to incorporate exercise into your routine is to tag it on to something else that is already part of your set schedule. For example, you can plan your workouts for before or after work. Even if you don’t work the same hours each week, you know that straight after or before your shift your head to the gym.

If you don’t have this pre-set schedule like if you care full-time for your children, you can create a routine for them that gives you regular and set times to exercise. This could be anything from an hour nap time each day, to enrolment in a music or sports class.

Establishing a routine takes the element of decision out of your hands. A good example of this is the routine you go through when you get ready to leave the house. You always manage to find time to complete the set of activities you deem necessary before you go out. In the same way, exercise will become second nature.

Routine is also important from your body’s point of view. You need set rest days and set workout days in order to build solid fitness foundations. This kind of scheduling also allows your body to effectively repair itself so you are at lower risk of injury. You cannot compensate for consistency by working out extra strenuously on an infrequent basis.

Take Home Message

Creating a routine for your workout itself will also be very beneficial. You will be far more efficient when you know exactly what exercises to complete, instead of standing and wondering what to do next. Download a workout plan from this website, or develop your own in advance.

Of course, over time you may want to tweak your exercise routine to maximise your results. You may switch up the cardio level you do, or workout for an extra half an hour on the weekends. But as long as the foundations of your plans remain the same, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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