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What’s The Latest On Stephen’s #MyChallenge | Parkour Feed

What’s The Latest On Stephen’s #MyChallenge | Parkour Feed
Nathan Southern
Writer and expert5 years ago
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This summer, we want you to #OwnTheSummer and take on something completely new.

It’s time to get active in a different way by learning a skill unlike anything you’ve done before. It’s time to take on #MyChallenge.

To show you how it’s done, four of the Myprotein team are stepping out of their comfort zones and taking on a new sport.

Over an intense 8 weeks, they’ll be pushed to the limits by an expert in the sport.

Stephen’s #MyChallenge journey will involve leaping, rolling, and running from building to building — using his body in completely different ways to your typical gym session.


Follow Stephen's Parkour #MyChallenge journey as it happens...

  • Stephen's reached the halfway point. Find out how he's getting on

  • Check out what Stephen's been eating to fuel his parkour sessions

  • It's week 2, and going on even holiday won't stop this training plan...

  • Check out Stephen's holiday workout and try it yourself


Try Stephen’s Holiday Workout | #MyChallenge

Check out Stephen's warm weather training

  • Stephen's first vlog: Learning the basics. The floor is lava...

Here's what you need to know about Parkour

Get to know Stephen and why he's taking on this challenge.

Get to know Stephen's trainer, Adam


Adam Marr | Meet The Trainer Behind #MyChallenge

Meet the parkour pro behind Stephen's #MyChallenge journey.

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Nathan Southern
Writer and expert
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Nathan has always had a passion for sport from an early age. He’s played football all over the country, representing his county (Cheshire) and various clubs at a semi-professional level. As a Coaching and Sports Development graduate, he understands the importance of sport and fitness in the local community. On the weekends, you’ll find him scoring goals while captaining his local football team.