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What Are Supersets? | Burn Fat, Gain Muscle

What Are Supersets? | Burn Fat, Gain Muscle
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By Personal Trainer | Amy Golby

Supersets are a great technique to promote muscle growth, fat burning and time-efficient training method as well as promoting muscle-fibre activation which will help increase the intensity on a specific muscle group - therefore helping them develop faster.

In the most basic form, supersets are a combination of two (sometimes more) exercises with similar planes of movement to maximise the amount of work a particular muscle or muscle group performs. The idea being to go from one exercise straight into another without a rest in between.

An example can be chest press/bench press and then moving straight onto dumbbell flyes. 

Types of Supersets

superset workout

There are a few ways to perform supersets; the first two options are the most basic and simple way to start out when adding in supersets to your workouts!

Antagonist Supersets

This type of superset consists of performing two exercises back to back that work opposing muscle groups - for example, working your biceps and then moving straight onto working your tri-ceps. By working opposing muscles it allows you to use heavier weights or increase rep range.

Agonist Supersets

This type of superset is when you perform two exercises back to back working the same muscle groups. With this type of superset it best to stick to a compound exercise followed by an isolated exercise. For example: squats then leg extensions.

Supersize your workouts with these further 4 types of supersets

Compound supersets

These are exactly what they say on the tin; two exercises both of which are compound movements performed one after another with a small variety – eg back squats followed by front squats.

Isolated Supersets

As with the compound supersets these are two exercises both of which are isolated movements performed one after another to really push the muscle group to push your muscles to the limit – eg triceps extensions followed by triceps dips. 

Pre-exhausted Supersets

These are Agonist supersets but you work the isolated exercise first and follow it up with the compound. This allows to really exhausting the muscle through isolation making the compound exercise harder work.

Post-Exhausted Supersets

These are Agonist supersets too but are a flip on the above method, working on a compound exercise and then choosing an isolated exercise that really focuses on a muscle to completely burn it out.

Superset Exercise Examples

Chest Superset Exercises
Superset #1 Cable Crossovers
Flat Bench Dumbbell press
Superset #2 Inclined bench press
Flat bench Dumbbells flyes
Superset #3 Decline Chest press
Decline Press up
Back Superset Exercises
Superset #1 Reverse Cable Flyes
Wide Grip Lateral pulldown
Superset #2 Decline Pull –over
Standing Cable Row
Superset #3 Pull ups
Bent over t row
Legs Superset Exercises
Superset #1 Leg Extensions
Barbell Squats
Superset #2 Bulgarian Split Squats
Glute Thursts
Superset #3 Barbell Deadlifts
Back extensions
Shoulders Superset Exercises
Superset #1 Dumbbell shoulder Press
Lateral Raises
Superset #2 Front Raise
Arnold Press
Superset #3 Dumbbell Shrugs
Upright row
Arms Superset Exercises
Superset #1 Barbell Curl
Triceps pull downs (rope)
Superset #2 Overhead Tri-cep extension
Hammer Curls
Superset #3 Bench Dips
Bicep Cable Curls

Take Home Message

Supersets are a good way to build quality muscle but also a way to keep a gym session short but keep the intensity high to ensure results!

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you're concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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