Weight Training | Power Clean Form and Technique

The power clean is used in lots of strength programs. It is an Olympic lift and uses more muscles than most lifts, which means a greater impact in a shorter amount of time!

When you power clean, not only are you building muscle, but you’re also improving your coordination, movement speed and balance.

The lift starts by using mainly your lower back and legs, and then as you move through the lifts you work more of your back, your shoulders and arms too, so as you can see this lift is great for an all-over body workout!

Master The Power Clean |

Step #1

power clean

✓ Stand close to the bar, as you would for a dead lift. Start in the same position, feet about hip width apart, hands just outside in a strong grip, thumbs wrapped around the bar.

✓ Keep your chest up and back straight, weight in the heels.

Step #2

Power clean

✓ Slowly lift the bar to just below the knee, keeping it close to the shins.

Remember to keep your core tight at all times and don’t let the weight come forward.

Step #3

power clean

✓ Once past the knee, explosively force the hips forward and shrug the bar up into triple extension of the ankle, knee and hip.

✓ This allows the weight to come away from the arms and almost throws the bar into the next position, you shouldn’t have to be really pulling the bar up, the hip extension and shrug should send it on its way, you just control where it is going.

Step #4

power clean

✓  You are now going to move your arms around the bar, elbows round and under to catch the bar in rack position, as you get the bar to rack position, bend you knees slightly into a plie position.

✓  Remember to keep your elbows high and pointing forward.

Step #5

power clean

✓  When you have practiced this a lot and feel comfortable, you will complete the movement without pauses.

✓  This means when you shrug the bar up, you should start to bend your legs to slightly to dip under and catch the bar in rack position.

>> Finishing Position

power clean

Take Home Message

Remember to keep the bar close to the body the whole time.

Keep elbows up when bar is in rack position.

✓ Make sure your hip extension and shrug is as explosive as possible to give your arms minimal work.

 Make sure you get every phase of the movement right before flowing it into a fast movement.

✓ Concentrate on form not weight until you have the lift perfected!
Photos by Emma Godden

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