Weight Lifting For Women | 7 Reasons To Start Now


By Personal Trainer | Amy Golby

It’s an historical stereotype that some women tend to stick to cardiovascular workouts and stay very clear of the weights section in a gym.

The general stigma around what will happen if women lift weights is one of the biggest turn offs for females, society is becoming a lot more for want of a better word acceptable of women who lift weights but it’s unlikely that you won’t hear ‘oh don’t get too muscly’ or ‘be careful or your start looking like a man’ and with comments like this is no wonder a lot of women tend to stick to the treadmill – however, weight training has an incredible amount of benefits for women.

It time for women to start expanding their workouts that will grow both your body and mind and start getting the results you want from the gym.

#1 Fat Loss

women weights
It has been proven in a variety of studies from Wayne Westcott, PhD, from the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts, show that women who weight train two to three times a week over a 2-month period can gain up to two pounds of muscle and lose 3.5 pounds of fat which means a leaner and stronger body.

With an increase in lean muscle it also means an increase in your resting/base metabolism which means the more calories you will burn over a day.

It is calculated that on an average for every pound of muscle you gain that you can burn up to an additional 50 calories a day.

#2 Lean Out – Not Bulk Up

One of the reasons women may previously steered clear of weight training is the fear of becoming ‘bulky,’ – yet, this is not the case. Adding in weight training to your gym routines allows you to increase your strength and muscle definition as opposed to gaining size.

In order to gain size from weight training women would need 10-30 times more hormones then they have to bulk, which means without an additional hormone supplement there is no way women will be able to bulk up – so nothing to worry about ladies.

What it does mean is that women will develop tone and definition which is always a plus!

#3 Reduce Injury

Weight training doesn’t just to build lean muscle and increase strength;  it also strengthens and improves the connective tissue around the muscles and joints which helps increase stability and reduces the risk of injury.

  Recent studies have shown that weight training when focused on certain areas of pain or injury to build up the strength in surround muscles and joint has a 70-80% success rate in eliminating or alleviating the pain.

#4 Get Strong

strong weight lifting

Adding in weight training can allow you to be significantly stronger, which will help you in your everyday life.

Adding in weight training three times a week can lead to increase strength in women by 30-50% and that women can develop their strength at the same rate as men.

#5 Improved Performance

The majority of studies have shown that weight training improves athletic ability, to aid with better results in a variety of sporting fields.

So, whether you enjoy running, swimming or team sports weight training will significantly increase the period of time you can train for, improve your technique, reduce injury and improve overall performance.

#6 Get More Sleep

Who doesn’t like the idea of more sleep? It has been suggested that weight training can improve the quality of your sleep.

It helps aid in your ability to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and wake less often throughout the night.

#7 Better Mentality

exercise for mentality

Weight training can help sculpt the most desired physique –  are more confident about themselves and feel more capable.

Working out releases also Dopamine, which is a chemical that plays a role in happiness, and is responsible for the feelings of pleasure and happiness which means people who work out tend to have a more positive outlook.

A Harvard study has down that over a 10 week period participants who added weight training into their lives reduced their systems of clinical depression more successful than counselling.

Take Home Message

These are just a few of the benefits that weight training can have for women!

Not only has it got the ability to increase confidence, but also to change your body composition and gain leaner muscle means less fat mass which means fitter, healthier and stronger women!


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