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Have You Tried Surfing?

Surfer chicks and dudes certainly have a stereotype. They’re tanned, with tousled hair and great bodies. While the tan and the hair are entirely up to you, the great surfer body can be in your grasp. And you won’t even have to put on your swimsuit.


Developed by pro surfer Anna Jerstrom and celebrity trainer Adam Rosante, WaveShape is a full-body workout inspired by the exercise you get riding waves. Surfers are constantly battling uncertain motion and using their full body to retain balance and control. They also need power and stamina to paddle out to the best waves, let alone tackle them. These principles have inspired the exercises used in the workout, and are used to train the models for Jerstrom’s surfwear brand Calavera so they have the classic surfer physique.


The workout is entirely based around using your own bodyweight. It is a high-intensity circuit that promises a great fat burn and the development of lean muscle. There’s no equipment necessary, so you can try it out at home or at the gym. Just have a look for the workout videos online – there’s plenty uploaded by WaveShape for free use. So don’t worry, you don’t need to invest in a surfboard just yet.


As it is a high-intensity workout, your circuits will be done in 30 minutes. So you can have extra time to hang loose, as the surfers say. Make sure you add time for a full warm up and cool down, to prevent any injuries. There might not be sharks to hurt you, but a pulled muscle is no day at the beach.

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WaveShape Moves To Try


If you’re not ready to take the plunge with a whole WaveShape routine, try adding some of the signature exercises into your normal routine.

Paddling Out


Upgrade your plank by adding in a paddling motion. When you are in plank position, lift your left arm and rotate it around until it comes back to its original position. Then switch to your right arm and do the same. Then add in a push-up to complete the rep. Try and do 12 reps before you move on to your next exercise. The imbalance of relying on one arm for support will maximise your core workout, as well as your arms.


Boat Rocker


Next time you are hitting your V sits, alternate them with a superman. Try and make the transition as fluid as possible by lying out straight and rolling over for the next position. Count that as one rep, and aim to do ¾ of your normal V sit reps.



Swap your burpees for surfies next time these come up in your routine. Start from a standing position, crouch and then push back into a plank. Lower down as with a burpee, and leap into a standing position. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, but in a staggered position, with knees slightly bent for ultimate balance. Complete the rep with a tuck jump. Aim to do reps as you would normally with burpees.

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