Valentine’s Day Ideas For Fit Couples | 7 Healthy Things To Do

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be restricted to heading out for a meal or paying for a film that neither of you particularly like.

You both love to keep fit and look after yourselves – so incorporate this into the one day that is meant for spending a little time together!

Get up and get moving with some of these ideas for an active Valentine’s day.

#1 Couples Massage

Seriously, who wouldn’t want a relaxing, therapeutic massage on Valentine’s Day?

Alternatively, head straight for a sports massage to treat your body to a recovery session after all of the stress it is put through during training sessions.

#2 Hiking/Long walk

There’s nothing more refreshing than turning your phone off and heading on a stress-relieving hike!

Wrap up warm and grab some fresh air – you’ll burn a ton of calories ready for a tasty Valentine’s day meal.

superset workout

#3 Ice-skating 

The perfect low-impact workout!

Wrap-up warm, get on the ice and have fun. Strengthen your core by purposefully maintaining your balance throughout or fall continuously and laugh it off – either way, it’ll be a good day!

#4 Go On A Valentine’s Day Run

What better way to spend your day than burning some calories, letting out some happy-hormone endorphins and getting a sweat on before you indulge in a pizza or box of chocolates!

There’s a 10k Valentine’s Day run being held in Newcastle called “Love2Run Valentine’s 10k” – and if you can’t make that, there’s a whole host of events being held at the below locations:

✓ Bath, Avon: “Bath Skyline 10km”

✓ Chessington, Surrey: “Valentine’s 10k”

Motherwell, North Lanarkshire: Marie Curie Cancer Care & Diabetes UK Running Event – 6K, 12K, 18K

✓ Portsmouth, Hampshire: “Portsmouth Coastal Half Marathon”

✓ Poole, Dorset: “Lytchett 10”

✓ Harrow, Middlesex: “Harrow Hill Race”

#5 Roller-Disco

Different, right?

Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy a day of falling over and laughing hysterically whilst doing so.

=Tremors Valentine’s Roller Disco is being held from 12-14th February at Oval Space London!

 #6 Bike Ride

Even if you don’t own a bike – loan one from a friend or family member and head out for a bit of light exercise.

It can count as active recovery – your muscles will love you for allowing them to loosen up whilst enjoy a bit of nature!

6 week training plan

#7 …Go To The Gym!

Just love training? Head to the gym first thing and put your absolute all into an impressive couple’s training session.

A bit of competition never hurt anyone – smash some PB’s and earn your double crust!

Take Home Message

Valentine’s day needn’t be a decision between complete over-indulgence and completely restricting yourself – what fun is that?

Get up, get out – and treat yourself to fresh air, laughter and/or relaxation – enjoy yourself!

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