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Written by Charlotte Campbell

Top Fitness Trends

If you need a bit of inspiration to shake up a tired workout routine, we’ve got you covered. Spin class, move over. Yoga? Yawn! From the cool to the crazy, here’s our roundup of top fitness trends right now.

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Roller Derby


In a nutshell, this is a fast paced team sport in which you are racing (on rollerblades) against your opponents, trying to lap on another. And it’s also a contact sport. Expect your legs to feel serious burn after a practice, as well as your core once you start working up speed. Roller Derby is a fairly theatrical sport, with team members selecting racing names such as “Bunz Bunny” and “Raven Lunatic” and decorating their uniforms with bright colours and glitter. Currently, it is a fairly female dominated sport, although men’s and mixed teams are becoming more popular. 



Once the domain of children and drunken uncles at a barbecue, trampoline is turning into one of our mainstream fitness trends. Mixing both cardio and gymnastics, trampoline workouts work your entire body. Whether you struggle to just stay upright or you’re ready to master twists and flips, trampoline classes are an engaging and fun way to burn calories.

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Hula Hooping


Did you ever master more than one “hoop” round when you were younger? Well, now’s your chance to get your hula skills down to a fine art. Hula is a one-stop-shop kind of exercise for anyone that wants to tighten their waist and work their core. This is a perfect workout class to take with a friend – laughter burns extra energy, you know!

Primal Moves


This exercise style takes inspiration from the animal kingdom in creating body weight movements that engage your muscles and build your strength. It sounds like the premise to a dodgy drama class, but this is way harder than acting the goat. It goes under different guises (Animal Flow at Equinox Gyms or Zuu at Virgin Active branches, for example) but the premise remains the same. So scan your gym’s timetable and see if you can unleash your inner beast.

pole fitness

Pole Fitness


Pole studios are popping up across the country, with people of all ages reaping the benefits of pole dance. Work on your strength as you lift and support your own body weight, while your flexibility improves with each class. Doing the splits in mid-air? Piece of cake… Eventually!


Parkour/Free Running


If you’ve ever watched an action film where the bad guy is running after the good guy, you’ve probably had a glimpse at Parkour. In essence, it’s training to be able to move from one place to another in the most efficient way using just your body and surroundings. So when Tom Cruise is running, jumping and climbing to his escape, that’s the kind of skills you would learn at Parkour. There are indoor classes, but by nature it is a popular outdoor activity, so it’s probably worth looking up a local group if it’s not on your gym’s timetable.

 So what are you waiting for? Get googling and find your nearest place to try out your new fitness trends!


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