Top 6 Fitness Trends of 2015

Are you keeping on top of the latest fitness trends? Find out how many of these 6 trends you’ve been following so far this year.

1. Bodyweight Training

Whether it’s training on a budget or looking for something convenient you can do at home bodyweight training has hit the spot with many people this year. from insanity and PX 90 to quick circuits from pintrest we’ve been brushing up on those planks and squats.


The endless hours of slow cardio has finally taken a back seat while HIIT is here- hopefully to stay! Short but intense bursts of activity followed by periods of rest or low-intensity moves, means an entire workout can usually be done in under 30 minutes.

3. Boot Camps

There must be something about getting together with friends or strangers and being almost forced to do intense challenging exercise, because we’ve all been hitting fitness boot camps this year. Boot camps are available all over and are perfect to get you started and get fit fast.

4. Weight Training

The biggest, and best trend of 2015 has been the falling of common misconceptions that surround weight training. Finally more and more girls are starting to realise that weight training wont make you big or bulky- and in fact will help scult and tone your body and increase metabolism. plus let’s face it- it’s fun!

5. Progress Apps

From Nike Pro & Strata and bodyspace and Myfitnesspal, more and more of us are tracking what we eat and our progress in and out of the gym.

6. Matching Gym Wear

If you’re going to train hard- why not look the part? We’ve all jumped on pattern band wagon this year with more and more of us getting in those gym selfies with our new gym wear! Well why not! You look and feel great so get instagraming!


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