Top 10 Gym Hates

1.Forgetting Your Head Phones

Forgetting Headphones at the Gym


Forgetting your headphones is by far number one on my list. There’s nothing worse than getting all the way to the gym to find you have to power through face listening to your own heavy breathing, the groaners or the dated playlists that are repeatedly played at the gym.


2. The Starers

People Who Stare At The Gym


There’s always one guy or gal who just can’t keep their eyes off you… but can you blame them?

3. When The Paper Towels Run Out

When paper Towels Run Out at The Gym


No one said working hard would be pretty- but with running mascara and being left to drip sweat all over everything and everyone we need and endless supply of paper towels.


4. The Talkers and the Readers



Theres nothing worse than trying to push yourself to the limit when the person next to you is having a casual phone conversation. What’s even worse is spotting someone casually playing a game of angry birds, playing scrabble or reading a novel on their iPads.

5. Groups of More Than 3

Having a gym partner is a great way to get motivated and to make sure you’ve got good form- but when you see small herds of gym goers flocking around a machine , you know between the changing weight, swapping places and chit chat, its going to be a good 15 minutes before you’ll get in there.


6. When the Gym is Empty but Someone Chooses The Machine Next to You



There’s nothing that can ruin the pure tranquility of an empty gym- except that one awkward person who feels the need, despite the fact that every machine is free, to get close to you and choose the machine next to you.


7. The Groaners and Screamers



Okay so working hard may mean you need to shout a little, but we all hate those guys who feel the need to roar and scream the gym down- is it really necessary or a gorilla beating their chest?


8. When People Don’t Wipe Down the Sweat Off Their Machines



Working hard means you’re going to get hot and sweat, but there’s nothing worse than going to use a machine and being drenched with someone else warm sweat.


9. Bad Attitude and Bad Technique

hate 9


Bad technique is one hate, but not everyone can be sure and aware of proper form, it’s the bad egomaniac attitude that can come with bad form that is the biggest hate.


10. People Who Don’t Try



If you’re a dedicated gym goer you know how frustrating it is to see people who just wont try. But instead of hating- why not show them how it’s done!



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