10 Things That Are True For Girls Who Lift


You know you’re truly a female weightlifter when you can say these things…

#1 The cheat day count down begins on Monday

We eat well and we enjoy our meals – but hey, everyone loves a cheat day!

When Monday comes around the countdown and professional planning for the next cheat meal begins…

#2 We work HARD

For those of us who lift, we know training is hard work.

work hard women lift weights

Whether you’re setting your alarm for 6am or fitting in a late night workout,  ending a session covered in sweat with make-up running down your face is a given.

No pain – no gain.

#3 We love food: no starving allowed

Who said you have to starve to be skinny?

If there’s one thing that we know for sure it’s that we LOVE food and now that we lift weights, we eat more than ever!

#4 We know lifting won’t make us bulky

“Lifting weights will make you bulky”

women lift weights

“Aren’t weights for men?”

– NO!

Females don’t have the right level of testosterone to get bulky and we know lifting weights actually makes us look slimmer.

#5 We weigh more but look toned

Most girls are scared by an increase in the scales – but not us!

We know muscle weighs more than fat and look forward to an increase on the scales.

#6 Gym clothes = 90% of our wardrobe

Forget the days of dress shopping!

women lift weights

When you open our wardrobes, 90% of the space is taken up by gym clothes – from plain black Lycra to neon pink and crazy patterns!

After all, more the better – we are at the gym nearly every day!

#7 Our weeks are planned around leg day

The most important day of the week…

After all, if it is done properly, leg day determines our mobility… And ability to walk up stairs for at least the next two days!

#8 We don’t miss the cardio bunny days

Forget the days of slaving over the treadmill to shift a few pounds…

best time to train

We do not miss those repetitive cardio bunny days now that we have an exciting and ever-progressing workout plan!

#9 Forget the heels… All about the trainers

Back in the day shopping for high heels was a dream – now we would much rather spend a fortune on a new pair of trainers than heels!

#10 Rest days are a struggle

No rest for the wicked!
how alcohol affects the body

When it comes to rest day, we spend most of the time thinking of the gym and getting excited for our next session.




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