The Ultimate Gift Guide | Gifts For Personal Trainers

From top-of-the-range kit to the nutrition they need to power through those cold outdoor sessions this winter, we’ve got the ultimate gift guide for personal trainers. 

1. Gingerbread Layered Bar 

This classic Christmas flavour has now been added to a layered bar and it’s soon to be your favourite flavour.

It also makes the perfect stocking filler – it’s bound to put a smile on anyone’s face this Christmas.


2. Training Collection

Inspired by old-school sportswear, the training collection is designed to be durable as well as stylish, this is the kit they’ll want to wear every day. Built for mobility as well as being supportive, they can push themselves and their clients to the limits and know that their kit will keep up. With everything from leggings through to joggers and sports bras, there’s something for every session. 


3. Festive Whey Flavours

Treat them to festive flavourings this Christmas. These include Cinnamon Danish and Speculoos. And they make the perfect Christmas gift.

At this time of year all anyone wants to do is devour sweet treats. This will curve your cravings, but don’t be fooled by the taste, it won’t affect your macros.


4. Resistance Bands

A staple in any PT’s kit bag, resistance bands are perfect for training clients wherever they are. Coming in different resistance levels from 2-54kg they’ll be able to really test their clients in a load of different ways with these.  


5. Vegan Christmas Sample Box

Give the gift of plant-based supplements this Christmas. This sample box is perfect for anyone keen to try Veganuary, but not miss out on any protein. All the samples you’d ever want to try out in one festive box. Bring on the new year.


6. Vegan Christmas Snack Box

It’s not Christmas without snacks. And snacks are far better when they’re packed with protein. And January means Veganuary. All that equals… a vegan Christmas snack box. Exactly what you want to see under the tree.



7. Layered Bar

We know it can be tough to refuel in between clients, but this bar will ensure that they’re ready to go again straight after. High in protein and low in sugar, you’ll help to keep their muscle pumping and keep them feeling fuller for longer. The delicious flavours are the main reason this is our most popular snack — they’ll be looking forward to their break more than ever with this on offer. 


8. THE Pre-Workout

Get them pumped for those early morning clients with THE Pre-Workout. We know getting up before it’s light and trying to motivate others too can be pretty tough, so help them out with our most powerful pre-workout blend ever. With phased release beadlets for extra caffeine, this pre-workout will keep them pumping through the longest of sessions. 


9. Clear Whey Isolate

Give them the gift of protein this Christmas. A sure fire way to be in your PTs good books — they may even keep split squats out of your workouts in January. This could be the gift that keeps on giving.


10. Myprotein x Hotel Chocolat Layered Bar

Treat your trainer this Christmas to a Myprotein x Hotel Chocolat Layered Bar.  

Power up your protein snacks with Myprotein x Hotel Chocolat goodies. Our most indulgent bar to date, including all Hotel Chocolat ingredients, apart from our protein doughs. The best of both worlds.


Take home message

It’s tough being a PT, tricking your clients into thinking they’re on their last rep and then asking for more. The ultimate gift guide will help you to treat them to something special and pile their stocking high with everything they’ll need to succeed in 2021 — they might even go easy on you for a while. 


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Emily Wilcock

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