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Written by Jamie Bantleman

The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainers love to be able to utilise great tools to change the way in which they can train their clients and improve their programming. A good personal trainer will maintain a client on a training programme for 4-6 weeks whether it be based upon hypertrophy, strength or sport specific training. Once this programme is finished, a trainer should sit down and look at where the client struggled or where he found things a little too comfortable. Often we see huge improvements in strength and sometimes we find out that there are some weaknesses that we may not have discovered yet. For this reason, certain equipment may help improve weaknesses and some may increase strength by applying different forces or changes in a strength curve.

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Myprotein Resistance Bands:


These can be applied to different exercises when the client has developed greatly in that specific movement. Although we often see bands applied at inappropriate times causing unnecessary stress to joints or muscles the use of resistance bands when applied correctly are hugely effective. These are best used when a client may be very strong in a big compound movement such as the bench press. Instead of the concentric movement taking the most effort, the eccentric phase of the movement becomes equally as hard. This shocks the muscle and changes the way in which you lift the weight. For those with clients that need this strength curve change in their training you could look to apply resistance bands to these 5 exercises:


My Favourite Exercises To Add Resistance Bands To:


#1 Banded Chest Press

#2 Banded Leg Extension

#3 Banded Bench Press

#4 Banded Leg Press

#5 Banded Shoulder Press


Fat Gripz:


Adding Fat Gripz to a barbell or dumbbell massively helps your grip strength. Often we find that our clients will lose control of a heavy load due to a poor grip rather than a lack of strength. Making lighter loads such as a dumbbell curl with fat gripz would help prepare you for heavy lifts such as deadlifts.
MyProtein 13” Pro Muscle Roller:

Although ‘foam rolling’ may not be the very best way in which to directly focus on loosening a tight muscle, while personal trainers are in between sessions they may have 5 minutes to take to quickly release some tension in the lower back. As a trainer myself, I have often found that when doing longer days, maybe performing 10-12 sessions on the gym floor with clients throughout the day my back or my hamstrings may begin to tighten and I feel the need for a quick release. This heavy duty foam roller will be more than comfortable handling any client or muscle bound personal trainer!



Protein Cookies:


Personal trainers should continuously practice what they preach, unless of course you tell your clients to eat junk every day! We are always advising our members to eat high protein foods, healthy fats and clean sources of carbohydrates. However, if there is a cookie on show, its pretty hard to turn it away! Therefore, MyProtein have made the ‘Protein Cookie’ to ensure you can curb craving with this indulgent snack. Often we find ourselves in between meals and clients totally ravenous! Our job is designed around being proactive, positive and energetic, but we all know that feeling of hunger and most personal trainers don’t deal well with hunger! Be sure to have a small stock of these ‘clean treats’ in your kit bag ready to dive into when waiting for your next client.

Dark Chocolate Nut Cookies

MyPre (Pre Workout):


5am alarm clock. Out of bed, eat, shower, commute to work, client walks into the door – GAME FACE. Clients continue walking through the door, you are not allowed to be tired, its focus on them, and you are going to provide one hell of a service throughout that session. What happens after they’ve left and you have some time to yourself and you need to train and maintain your own physique? You just want to sleep, you are deprived of energy! The best pre workout is needed to pick you up and drive you through the session on your programme. 2 scoops of MyPre is designed to take you to the next level of intensity within your workout by the physical and cognitive boost it provides. This is a staple in the bag of a personal trainer!



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