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Written by Akesha Smith

Struggles Of Leg Day

Leg day! We all know it, and we all have a bittersweet relationship with leg day! We can’t live with the pain of leg day but sure as hell can’t go a week without having our legs pushed to their very limits and beyond! No pain, no gain, was made for leg day, if it isn’t hurting then we carry on pushing to get those gains.

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Leg day has quickly swept gym fanatics across the globe, everyone has it programmed into their head that leg day is “The Day!” One must mentally and physically prepare themselves for what they are about to embark in. Once you enter into leg day you can only finish when your legs have been turned into nothing but pure jelly!


There is a sudden pressure that you must never skip leg day, social networks have had a helping hand in ridiculing those who look like they have never had a leg day in their life. No one wants to be caught out, so we all bustle in to take our legs on a painful journey that we all know we will regret when the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Syndrome) set in tomorrow morning.


We all start with such promise, full of energy and ambition! We’ve had our pre-workout drink and we’ve got our BCAAs mixed up and we’re ready to conquer the gym! Depending on your session you may actually walk out of the gym feeling like a beast! Ready to take on anything, however, you know in the back of your head, tomorrow morning you will feel quite different! Then you have the unlucky ones who feel the pain right after they finish their sessions. Some poor souls go so hard in the gym, they can barely walk out of the gym! We can’t laugh at them, we all know the pain and we’ve all been there! The struggle is real, going up or down the stairs is a struggle.


All these struggles that we inflict upon ourselves just so we can achieve those desired gains, but just how can we help this painful process of recovery become less painful?


For starters, after a heavy workout, one should consume a protein shake right away to help speed up the recovery of your muscles! However, there is more to just taking a protein shake, there are many types of shakes out there and it is up to you to find the one that helps your body the most. As a recommendation, Myprotein Hurricane XS mixed with any Myprotein protein powder has worked charms with me!


Another suggestion is eating the right things post-workout. Some people may overlook this and think it is not as relevant, however, the food you intake after your workout is just as important as you taking a protein shake. Taking in lean meats like chicken and turkey are good sources to help with your recovery.



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