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Hi Coach,
The goal can be classed as gaining lean muscle and the gym workout side of things is covered; I am more interested in the nutrional side of things
1. What is the best vegetarian protein equivalent to whey. 
2. Finding advice on a diet plan for a vegetarian is hard because there is not a lot of information assessable – Is there a diet plan / food ideas you can recommend for the working man Monday – Friday 9-5. 
3. Working 9-5 with a 1 hour lunch break can make it hard to eat lots of small meals throughout the day so how can we work our diet plan into strict working conditions.
Thanks in advance,



Hi Michael,


Thanks for your questions. It can be a tough challenge to get adequate protein intake as a vegetarian and even harder when working a busy day, but there is hope. Rather than whey protein, I’d advise using a soy based protein. Soy protein isolate would be the ideal choice due to its high protein content, with minimal fat and carbohydrate content. The nutritional breakdown of soy is very close to that of whey protein, so is an ideal choice to use as a supplement for increasing lean muscle development.

With regards to a nutritional plan based around a strict working day, it is definitely achievable. The majority of our clients and myself included work long hours with very little time for food breaks in between but it just comes down to preparation and correct supplementation. The best approach is to consume your largest meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner when out of work and then use the soy protein isolate as mentioned above as a quick snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon. You can also add in some nuts, which are a quick and portable snack to ensure you add the needed fats into your diet.

For breakfast, try to consume variations of oatmeal, bananas, blueberries, egg whites (dependent on preferences) walnuts, pecans, and almond or soy milk. Your mid-morning and afternoon snacks can be the soy protein shakes, Greek yoghurts and any nuts you prefer. Lunch and dinner should be a combination of beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, tempeh, tofu, soybeans, seitan and any form of meat alternative, as well as vegetables and fruit. Try to get as many of your calories from dense foods when trying to build muscle. Post workout should be a soy protein shake and chopped pineapple to ensure you provide the protein and fast acting carbs your body needs.

The biggest key to success whether vegetarian or not, is preparation. Make sure you have all your snacks and your lunch ready the night before, so that if you are pushed for time, you can still easily fit in your needed nutrition. Hope this helps.


The Coach


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