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In second place this month, we have Adam Greenberg…




Dear Coach,

There are so many conflicting opinions and advice on the internet about when and what to eat. Some say to eat small and often, others say it doesn’t matter as long as you hit your target macros, whilst some advise Intermittent Fasting (e.g. eating all your food in an 8-hour eating window, and fasting the rest of the day). What is your official view on the matter? And what’s your reasoning behind it? Are some diet plans better for people who are looking to bulk and others better for people looking to stay lean?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Adam Greenberg


The Coach response


Hi Adam,

You’re right, there really are so many conflicting opinions on diet and nutrition and unfortunately the truth is, everyone will respond differently to each of the nutritional variations you have stated. Some may get great results with eating small and often, others, have seen equally great results with intermittent fasting. The best approach is to give each variation a try and see how your own body reacts.

I have tried every method of eating to hit my goals and have worked out which works best for me. No matter if you’re trying to add size or lose fat, my personal opinion is to keep it ‘old school’. By this, I mean, take a look back at the golden era of bodybuilding, the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane and Sergio Oliva, who, in my opinion, had the greatest physiques of all time. These bodybuilders and athletes didn’t have all of the scientific research and multiple fad diets we have now a-days. They stuck to clean, whole foods and supplements and got amazing results.

I believe the best approach is to ensure your intake consists of high protein, moderate carbohydrates and fats. With supplements for support through-out the day. My best results came from consuming a meal every 2 – 3 hours. Breakfast would consist of oats, eggs and fruit. Lunch would consist of chicken, sweet potato and greens, with dinner being lean beef mince, brown rice and greens. In between each main meal, I would consume a smaller meal consisting of Impact Whey Protein and Almonds. This approach to eating 6 – 7 meals every day, ensured my protein remained high enough to support muscle hypertrophy and my carbohydrates and fat intake was sufficient to provide the energy I needed for my intense workouts.

I’d recommend giving this approach a try but be patient, you’ll start to notice great results if you stick to it for at least 4 weeks.

The Coach


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