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Hello Coach,

I’m a 28 year old female who had lumbar back surgery last June. I wasn’t very mobile for a year leading up to it. During this time I put 2 and a half stone on and I’m now finding it hard to get it off again, as I had always previously been a good healthy weight. I work in a busy Intensive Care Unit on my feet for three 13 hour shifts a week. I also have recently started going to the gym twice a week doing 2 hours of cardio only. I also stick to 1200 calories daily. I have only recently started taking the Impact Diet Whey Protein. What else would you suggest to give me a boost, as I’m not losing anything, I’m so confused to what I’m doing wrong, as I’ve never had to diet before. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards



The Coach response


Hi Kelly,

Glad to hear that you’re back on the mend and pursuing an active lifestyle after your surgery. With your weight loss battle, I know it can be very frustrating when you are not seeing the results you want, but remember, that it takes time to lose fat. Not including water retention, you should be healthily able to drop 1 – 2 lbs a week.

With your current training and diet, I would recommend a few amendments which should help kick start your body into burning its fat reserves. The problem you are having at the moment is that you’re not actually eating enough calories to support your exercise routine. When you severely restrict your calorific intake, your body will actually try and hold onto as much body fat as possible. It will think that you are starving the body in a response to not knowing when your next meal will come. As a result it will shed any muscle and maintain fat for fuel. Try to increase your calories up to 1,700 a day when you are not training and 2,000 on days when you are. Make sure you stick to clean food sources and don’t just get the extra calories from chocolate and cake.

With your exercise routine, I would recommend incorporating some resistance training before you perform your cardio. Having had back surgery, I would recommend staying away from any of the free weights for the time being and stick to using the resistance machines. Try to do half an hour of lower body machines on one day and upper body on the other. Follow this on both days with your cardio. This approach will allow you to use your glycogen reserves as energy whilst performing the resistance exercises and then once these have been depleted, you will be targeting your fat stores during cardio.

I’d recommend that you continue to use your Impact Diet Whey Protein, specifically in the morning and also after your workout. Give the above at least 6 – 8 weeks and then you can look into adding a thermogenic to help burn fat such as Thermopure.

The Coach


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