Take Advantage Of An Early Sunrise

Take Advantage Of An Early Sunrise

Now the clocks have gone forward, we can enjoy more hours of lovely sun. Utilising this extra light for exercise brings a whole host of benefits to your everyday life. Ditch the snooze button, and your body will thank you!


Absorb the Extra Vitamin D


If you work indoors, chances are you miss out on being outside in most of the daylight hours. Take your workout into the open air to take in the benefit of the sun’s rays. Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones and teeth, as well as helping to defend the body from type 1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

How? Plan out a morning run, or take an exercise mat into your garden or local park.

Get Focused and Alert


If you’re normally a slave to your morning coffee, chances are you’ll feel a great benefit from a little AM exercise. Exercise enhances your cognitive and memory functions, making you more awake.

How? Customise your own workout circuit the night before, including some fast paced cardio.

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Calm Your Mornings


When we leave the shortest time possible to get ready in the mornings, it encourages feelings of stress to get in on time. By taking back the morning for yourself, you’re removing that portion of panic from your day. And as we all know, a day that starts well often continues that way, because it sets us in a productive and positive frame of mind.
Not only that, but the endorphins from your exercise will linger long after the exercise stops – so you’ll have a reserve of happiness to combat any traffic jam or big meeting!

How? Going to your local pool will give you a hit of endorphins whilst feeling totally away from everyday life. For full relaxation, download a relaxing album and complete some Vinyasa yoga.

Kick Start Your Metabolism


Our bodies keep working out well after a good exercise session has ended. When you get your body working when you wake up, you can sit smug at work knowing you are still burning calories.

How? A 15 minute HIIT workout will maximise your calorie burning capabilities.


Start As You Mean To Go On


Starting your day off in a healthy way encourages you to continue the habit. You are more likely to want to fuel your body rather than waste your workout on junk. Not only that, but you may even be tempted to top up your endorphins with a light evening workout or stretch.

How? Do you key workout in the morning – whether that’s cardio or strength training. Then, indulge in whatever you feel like at night. You may want to try out something new or fun like a dance class. Or, you may want to do nothing at all – either way, you’ve already made progress towards your fitness goals.

Do Some Morning Meal Prep


Giving yourself a proper breakfast can feel very indulgent in this busy day and age. If you’re normally a piece of fruit on the bus kind of person, branch out!

How? Treat yourself to some Myprotein pancakes, or blend yourself a fruit smoothie to enjoy in the day.

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